Derived mainly from the Australian native plant Melaleuca alternifolia, Tea Tree Oil has been widely used in the traditional medicine system for at least the past 100 years because of its astounding health benefits and therapeutic properties. And for over seven decades, it’s been documented in numerous medical studies that have confirmed its potential to kill many strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The scientific name for Tea Tree Oil is Melaleuca, and it is much prized for its anti septic and anti microbial properties in the fields of science, health and medicine.

This article discusses the amazing benefits as well as uses of tea tree oil, which a lot of us are probably not aware of. Let’s take a look!

Uses of Tea Tree Oil for Skin Health

  1. A Powerful Acne Remedy

Tea Tree Oil (TTO) is a potential anti acne serum as it fights the breakout causing bacteria on the surface of our skin. Nature has infused the Tea Tree Oil with strong anti bacterial properties which make it quite effective when dealing with pimples, acne and breakout. All you need to do is dab cotton swab in the oil and rub over the affected area very gently, and within a few days you can achieve clear and improved. But remember is your skin is sensitive, you should follow the remedy by diluting Tea Tree Oil in equal amount of water.

  1. Relieves Rashes and Itching

Tea Tree Oil has been found extremely effective in soothing rashes and relieving the itch that they cause. Diluting Tea Tree Oil in water and then applying over the rashes can help those want to get rid of this pesky condition.

  1. Soothes Insect Bites

T he application of Tea Tree Oil also helps in relieving the allergies caused by an insect bite.

  1. Eliminates Body Odor

Body odor is something we all want to stay away from, especially in summers. A strong odor of the body can cause people to run away from you, and it can cause quite embarrassment as well. So if you want to get rid of body odor permanently, use the Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil with the help of its anti bacterial properties kills the bacteria on our skin which contributes to the production of foul smell in our sweats. Sweat itself isn’t stinky, the bacteria on our body makes it so. So whenever you take shower, make sure to save yourself a bucket of water and add to that few drop of tea tree oil. After you are done bathing, rinse your entire body with this Tea Tree Oil water. Make it a habit!

  1. Helps in Preventing Infections and Healing Wounds

Tea Tree Oil is powerful anti septic and therefore it can be used to treat wounds and cuts. Applying Tea Tree Oil to skin injuries not only promotes quick healing but it also helps in preventing the wounds from developing possible infections. But dilute it first before application, to avoid irritation and stinging feeling.

Uses of Tea Tree Oil for General Health

  1. Treats Athletes Foot

Use Tea Tree Oil for treating athlete’s foot, if you know someone suffering from this condition. Tea Tree Oil is an effective anti fungal agent and provides considerable relief in a matter of few days. All you need to do is combine ¼ cup of arrowroot powder and ¼ cup of baking soda together. To the dry mix add 20 drops of tea tree oil and with the help of a mortar or a fork, mash the lumps that are formed in the mixture; we need a powdered form for the treatment of Athlete’s foot. Rinse your feet and pat them dry, then apply powder afterwards, and repeat it twice daily.

  1. Relieves Sore Muscles

Tea Tree Oil provides efficient relief from inflamed, sore and tight pulled muscles. Tea Tree Oil isn’t anti inflammatory but it has been found of great use in conditions arising from inflammation, therefore many people use Tea Tree Oil for relieving and recovering from sore muscles. Dilute 10 drops of tea tree oil in equal amounts of coconut oil, and mix into it a tablespoon of Epsom salt. Fill the tub with warm water and add this salt mixture to it. Soak yourself in this bath for as long as you desire and just relax, enjoy, and unwind.

  1. Clears Stuffy Nose

Stuffy nose can cause a lot of trouble, especially at night when you are trying to get some sleep. Your blocked air passages make it difficult to breathe and eventually you end up staying up all night and becoming extremely tired and exhausted throughout the day. But the use of Tea Tree Oil has some advantages to offer, in case you are suffering from stuffed up nose. Adding some drops of Tea Tree Oil to a bath tub filled with hot water is a great steam bath to clear your air passages and do away with stuffy nose. You can also create a balm by mixing 3 drops of tea tree oil, 2 drops of peppermint and 2 drops of eucalyptus oil in 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil. Then let this mixture to cool down become solid. Applying this balm under the nose area at night can solve stuffy nose problem and help you in sleeping better with cold and flu.

Uses of Tea Tree Oil for Household Purposes

  1. Active Insect Repellant

If you want to ward off pests and insects from your house then try bringing Tea Tree Oil to the use. Tea Tree Oil is a natural and effective insect deterrent that keeps your house insect free. Its smell is enough to create a hostile and unfriendly environment for the pests and tiny crawlers, as well as mosquitoes and flies that they just don’t dare to get any closer. Spraying diluted Tea Tree Oil (20 drops of TTO in a spray bottle filled with water) on possible entrances of pests will help you a lot in keeping these unwanted guests away.

  1. Prevent House Items from Developing Mildew

Tea Tree Oil is effective in clearing as well as keeping your household items safe from mildew. Mildew is the growth of fungus on certain items, especially damp and moist wood, and it is white in appearance. Due to its anti fungal properties, application of Tea Tree Oil helps in preventing your stuff for providing habitat to fungus and developing mildew. Mix 5 drops of TTO in a cup of water. Soak a sponge in it and clean the affected items with this damp, TTO soaked sponge.

  1. Deodorize you Laundry

Adding 10 to 15 drops of Tea Tree Oil and then running your washing machine on hot cycle for a few minutes can eliminate all sorts of bacteria and odor from your appliance. Moreover, you will also notice that you laundry smells fresh and clean afterwards due to the effects of TTO.


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