Burnt Tongue is a syndrome that cause one to experience a burning and uncomfortable feeling in the tongue all the. Another condition that gives rise to similar symptoms is secondary burning mouth syndrome in which one doesn’t only feel burning sensation, but the mouth feels dry all the time, and irritated. This syndrome usually occurs as a result of some medication that one uses or more commonly as a result of oral yeast infections, called thrush. But the most common reason due to which people often get a burnt tongue is the excitement of tasting their favorite dish without realizing how hot it might be. A gulp of hot coffee is what usually causes people to get a burnt tongue almost every other day.

So whatever it is that’s causing you burnt tongue, did you know there are countless natural remedies to treat this condition. This article discusses some of the amazing and effective natural remedies for burnt tongue. Let’s take a look at these natural methods.

  1. Ice Cubes and Sugar

Ice cubes are helpful to relieve the pain caused by burning of the tongue. When you place an ice cube on your tongue after it gets burnt, you will notice that the painful sensation will eventually vanish due to this cold and soothing press. The sugar, on the other hand contains glucose, which is an effective remedy for healing burnt flesh and restoring its optimal condition. Besides that glucose is also very useful because it delivers soothing effects to the burnt area.

All You Need To Do…

When you accidently get something really hot in your mouth and burn your tongue, rush to your refrigerator and grab an ice cube. Then roll the ice cube in some sugar and then rub it over the affected area of the tongue. You will get instant relief with the help of this remedy.

  1. Apply Mint Toothpaste

Mint naturally possesses soothing and cooling properties and it has been an effective remedy in treating irritated organs such as the gut, stomach or even mouth. Due to its cooling effects people find it useful when they get burnt tongue, as mint offers them instant relief.

All You Need To Do…

Take some minty toothpaste and with the help of your finger apply it thoroughly all over the affected area on your tongue. Repeat thrice a day and you will be happy with its quick results.

  1. Honey for Burnt Tongue

Honey is very efficient in remedying burnt tongue naturally. Due to its anti inflammatory properties honey relieves the painful sensation of the burnt tongue and also promotes quick healing of the flesh. Since honey also possesses anti bacterial properties, it also prevents the burnt tongue from developing any possible infections.

All You Need To Do…

You will have to spread a teaspoon of raw organic honey to the burnt tongue and let it stay for as long as possible before swallowing it. Doing this thrice a day can help you greatly in relieving burnt tongue.

  1. Aloe Vera – The Miracle Plant
Sliced of aloe vera leaf

This miracle plant has always been a superhero when it comes to burns and bruises. The anti inflammatory properties of aloe Vera as well as its soothing effects make it an impressive and effective natural remedy for burnt tongue. Aloe Vera, besides soothing the flesh promotes fast healing of the damaged cells. It will also reduce the pain and burning sensation in the affected area.

All You Need To Do…

Extract fresh gel from Aloe Vera plant and cut it into cubes. Refrigerate or freeze these cubes and then rub it over the burnt area. You would definitely feel great with its cooling effects.

  1. Sip on Cold Milk

Milk contains enzymes and nutrients that promote healing of the damaged cells. Moreover milk also has cooling properties and it provides a soothing effect on burnt areas.

All You Need To Do…

Sip some cold milk from time to tie throughout the day in order to get relief from burnt tongue in an all natural manner.

  1. Eat Yogurt

Yogurt is yet another effective natural remedy for burnt tongue; it takes away the heat and burning sensation from the affected area. Yogurt also helps in reducing the painful sensation as well as the sensitivity of the tongue and damaged cells. Yogurt also contributes to quicker healing of the damaged area and preventing it from developing sores and infection.

All You Need To Do…

Refrigerate a bowl of yogurt and then eat it slowly by keeping it in the mouth, over your tongue for a while before you eventually swallow it. Finish this bowl of yogurt slowly to get relief.

  1. Swish with Warm Saline Water

This might sound strange to a lot of people that why use WARM water to get relief from an already burnt tongue. But A 2013 study published in the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery reports that in order to limit damage after a burn injury, burn progression can be prevented with the application of warm water. It also improves the microcirculatory perfusion, which translates into increased tissue survival.

All You Need To Do…

In a glass of warm water add ½ teaspoon of salt and dissolve completely. Swish with this water for at least 30 seconds before spitting out, and repeat several times a day.

  1. Applying Glycerin

Glycerin can also work efficiently in reducing the painful sensation you get from a burnt tongue, as well as contribute t healing of the tissue. Glycerin has anti inflammatory properties due to which it provides great relief from burnt tongue. Moreover, since it keeps the tongue moist it also promotes healing of the cells in the tongue.

All You Need To Do…

Dab cotton in glycerin and apply it thoroughly all over the affected area. Let it stay for as long as possible before spit it out. Repeating this method several times a day can provide great relief from burnt tongue.


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