Sometimes by simply adding a refreshing scent to your office, apartment or home is all it takes to make your place positive and attractive. Moreover, science has proven that good scents leave a positive effect on one’s moods, therefore, it is helpful in enhancing one’s emotions and feelings. People, when gathering at deodorized place, experience more enjoyable and cherishing times as compared to those meeting up in places with rugged smells. And it isn’t only about improving the scents in your living rooms, toilets for instance are the most important places to be kept clean and refreshed. A lot of people tend to ignore bathrooms either because they are too lazy to keep their toilets neat or sometimes simply because toilet deodorizers sometimes put a strain on their already tight budgets.

So this article shares with the readers 5 simple, easy and effective ways they can make their homes and toilets smell great.

  1. The Tangy Orange Peel Candles

Oranges aren’t only meant for eating or extracting juices for every morning breakfast; they can also be put to use for other important things, for example to freshen up your entire home. Yes! Did you know you could make scented candles with oranges? No? Well that’s okay, because we are going to tell you how you can make scented candles out of orange peels to make your home smell amazing.

All You Need to Do…

You can take as many oranges as you like, but with one orange you will be able to create only two candles. You would need an orange, a knife, a fork, any oil of your choice (we used vegetable oil) and a candle lighter.

Cut the orange in half and with the help of the fork; extract all the pulp from the oranges. Remember not to discard the white stem that sprouts in the center of the peels, as that is going to work as the candle burner. Now pour into it the oil of your choice, until the peels are completely filled. Let it stay for at least 45 minutes to take in all the tangy scent from the oranges. After that, lit the lighter and hold it close to the stem of the orange so that it completely dries (the stem would turn brown/black); this can take a few minutes. Afterwards you would hear a crackling sound and the steam would burn. That’s it!!! Place the orange candles on different spots inside your home and let it refresh your entire place.

  1. Create Scented Wooden Blocks

Scented wooden blocks are another amazing and cost effective method of making an air freshener. This not only works as a deodorizer but it can also be used as a decoration item in your place; these wooden blocks placed inside beautifully adorned containers make them nice decoration pieces.

All You Need to Do…

Get small chunks or blocks of soft wood from timber market and soak them in favorite scented oil, or perfume of your choice. You can do that by simply filling a jar with the perfume/oil and then soaking the wooden blocks in that overnight. The next day you would notice that the blocks have completely absorbed the scents and appear dry. Now put them in any decorative items like cans, jars or colorful plates and place them at any spot in your house.

These scented wooden blocks last long and you can always revive their scent by simply soaking them again or merely spraying them with more perfumes.

  1. Scented Oil Diffusers

Want to make your place scented and refreshed? Use scented oil diffusers! You do not necessarily have to purchase expensive scent diffusers from the market, you can make your own at home. Yes they are very simple and easy to make, and they are also very effective just like the readymade you but from the stores.

All You Need to Do…

With bamboo skewers, a cute vase, colorful ribbons and essential oils as well as some baby oil, you are good to go to make your very own homemade scented oil diffusers. Fill in the vase with essential oil as much as you may prefer, then fill rest of the vase with baby oil. By tying colorful ribbons as embellishments on the skewers place the other end of the skewers in the vase, dipped in the oil. And you are done! The oil will diffuse up in the place through the skewers and you will always enjoy an amazing scent throughout your home.

  1. Anti Bacterial Toilet Deodorant Bombs

Toilets, even kept neat and regularly cleaned tend to develop a certain type of odor that makes our visits to the bathrooms quite awful. On top of that, toilets are the places that work as breeding grounds for some of the most nasty bacteria and germs, capable of giving rise to serious diseases. There are various products that you can buy to deodorize and disinfect your toilets but those obviously come with a price tag. To make things simpler and light on the pocket, we suggest you use the following recipe to create simple and effective toilet bombs at home.

All You Need to Do…

You will need 1 1/3 cup Baking Soda ,1/2 cup Citric Acid, 30 drops Lavender Essential Oil, 30 drops peppermint Essential Oil and 30 drops Lemon Essential Oil. In a bowl take the baking soda and add rest of the ingredients to it, until it forms a somewhat solid mass. Now with the help of your hand form balls with this mixture and let them stay to grab some form and strength. You can also use molds of any shape to create the bombs, we prefer round like balls.

Afterwards, whenever you feel like scenting your toilets just take one of these bombs and throw it in the toilet seat and let it do its magic – killing bacteria and refreshing the air in your bathroom.

  1. Homemade Bathroom Spray

Another amazing toilet freshener that you can create easily in your home laboratory is this scented bathroom spray.

All You Need to Do…

Mix together 4 oz distilled water, 25 drops of Lemon Essential Oil, 10 drops of Bergamot Essential Oil, 15 drops of Orange Essential Oil and 1 teaspoon of Glycerin. Then pour it in a 5oz bottle spray. Whenever needed spray this spray in the toilet and improve the scent inside your bathrooms.


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