As we grow old life seems to start bullying us in every possible way; it would snatch away our beauty and radiance, it will deprive us of our physical strength and energy and it would even allow us to poop easily. Yes, growing old doesn’t come easily. When we age many changes take place in our body and most of them are directly related to our digestive health. Our metabolism slows down, our digestion doesn’t remain as flawless as before and eventually, it becomes harder to move our bowels.

Emptying your digestive tract is important because it flushes harmful toxins out of your system. People nowadays only pay attention to the quality of the food that enters their system, but wait did you ever bothered yourself about how important it is to expel the wastes out of your body? Healthy bowel movement is crucial because the end product lying in the intestines is the first to get affected by microbes and cause health problems. That is why the famous proverb says, “All disease begins in the gut”, and by the disease, we do not mean the common ones like constipation, flatulence, abdominal cramps etc but even colon cancer. Yes, the bowel your body produces is the most toxic of all and contains the most harmful material. So if you are experiencing unhealthy bowel movements then it is the time that you pay attention to it and take measures to ensure flawless appellation of waste from the body.

Following Tips and Tricks will help you improve your bowel movements naturally and overcome the most common digestive tract problems like constipation, bloating, diarrhea, indigestion, acidic reflux etc.

Diet for Improving Bowel Movement

You are what you eat. So if you are eating foods that impede digestion then obviously you shouldn’t expect easy pooping. You need to fill your belly with the right kinds of foods in order to achieve flawless digestion and healthy bowel movement. Following are some foods and tips on eating that can make your sessions in the toilet much much easier than before:

  1. Eat foods that are rich in fiber, for example, fresh fruits and vegetables. Acting as an absorbing agent, fibers allow your digested food and bowel to retain water and moisture, which ultimately helps in the easy passage into the colon and ultimately out of the system in the form of feces. Fiber provides your fecal material with bulk so it is quickly expelled from the body instead of sitting in the colon for a long time and spreading toxins inside.
  2. Eat proteins as they are also very important in providing the bowel with some bulk hastens its passage through the gut. It is crucial for digestive health that your every day meals contain a portion of protein in them. But did you know consuming proteins obtained from processed meat products can do the exact opposite? According to the ACS, the risk of colon cancer increases by 15 to 20 percent if you consume 100 grams of red meat or 50 grams of processed meats, like sausage, bacon or hotdogs, per day. So make sure that the proteins that you are adding to your daily diet do not come from processed meats.
  3. Curb your cravings for sugars and sweets. Processed sugars are one of the major contributors to slow digestion and constipation. When you consume foods high in sugars your pancreas tends to release excess amounts of insulin in the body. Resultantly your digestive activities are affected and you either get constipated or experience diarrhea. This is the reason why diabetics often have problems with digestion and often suffer from constipation or loose stools.
  4. Drinking a lot of water is another step that you should take in order to relieve difficulties in pooping. Water is a natural detox that eliminates toxins from your system and even boosts metabolism. Proper hydration ensures that fecal material does not become too dry, which ultimately contributes to constipation.
  5. Avoid sitting for longer periods of time after you eat meals. Moreover, there is no need to rush and force your body to expel bowels; give your body the time it needs for proper bowel activity.

In case you are experiencing severe difficulty while pooping, you can also try these natural remedies to get rid of constipation.

Exercises to Improve Bowel Movement

While changing your diet and eating healthy will definitely contribute to healthy bowel activity, another important thing for passing regular bowels in indulging in physical activities. Sometimes eating right is just not enough. You need to bring your body in action to burn those calories and stimulate digestion.

  1. Sometimes simple walking is all you need to activate your digestion, and empty your colon. Walking encourages blood flow throughout your body, including the gut which boosts digestion. Resultantly your gut would send the waste product quickly to the intestines where they will hastily pass out of the body.
  2. Jogging is also great for those who are experiencing unhealthy bowel movements. The pounding movements during the jog create pressure on the colon and send the waste material to the disposal exit.
  3. Rope skipping, just like jogging helps you relieve constipation because of its pounding movement.
  4. Squatting is another constipation reliever because it creates pressure on our stomach and allows it to move the fecal material into the intestines. In the old times, people would sit in squatting positions for toilet purposes, but the evolving designs of toilet sanitary have now taken the pressure off from our core muscles. As a result, we get constipated from time to time. While you can’t go back to the medieval times, what you can do is squat for at least ten minutes in the morning to stimulate digestion for the day.
  5. Mountain climber is another effective exercise to relieve constipation as it not only increases blood circulation throughout your body but it also pushes your core muscles to ultimately develop pressure on the gut.


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