The Top 7 Natural Remedies to Cure Prickly Heat Rash

Since summers are almost here most of us would be heading to beaches to spend weekends and relieve the seasonal heat. And no wonder a lot of us would be getting prickly heat as well as rashes on our sun exposed skins, which is not quite annoying and sometimes painful. Prickly heat rashes mostly happen to people who live in hot, humid climates. Living in such conditions leads to excessive sweating that can cause the sweat glands to become blocked, and eventually burst open; it irritates the skin and results in prickly heat. There are many products available in the market that can help you alleviate heat rash but if you are more interested in natural treatments for basic health problems then these amazing remedies for prickly heat rashes will definitely help you cure your skin problem.

  1. The Cinnamon Mask for Heat Rash

cinnamonCinnamon is a beneficial spice especially for the health of our skin. It contains compounds that promote healing of skin tissues and also provides cooling effects. Cinnamon mask when applied to the affected area can instantly relief the annoying itch and pricking of the heat rashes, and over a period of some days it can help in completely recovering the skin.


Take equal amounts of freshly ground cinnamon sticks and rose water; you can take one tablespoon each depending on the size of area you want to cover. Mix well and to form a paste and apply it to the heat rashes. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Repeat it twice a day, and for at least five days in a row.

  1. Coriander and Sandalwood Mask

Coriander is another great remedy to boost skin healing and alleviating skin problems like prickly heat rashes.


In two tablespoons of sandalwood powder add equal amount of coriander powder. Add enough rose water to make a thick paste and apply it over the affected skin, leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

  1. The Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal is yet another effective natural remedy to soothe prickly heat rashes. Oatmeal is well known for its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties, due to which it is has been found extremely helpful in dealing with heat rashes.


You will need one cup of finely ground oatmeal which you will have to add to a bath tub filled with nice cold water. Soak into the oatmeal bath for at least 30 minutes, rinse your body and pat dry. Repeating this twice a day for one week will deliver quick results and relief.

  1. Use Cold Compress

Using cold compress is another helpful remedy for heat rash as it improves circulation of blood in the particular area, allowing the skin cells to generate and repair at a faster rate. Using ice is also helpful in getting immediate relief from the prickly feeling of heat rashes.


Take a few cubes of ice and wrap them in dish cloth. Apply this cold ice compress on the affected area for a while or until the ice completely melts. Repeating this every three to four times a day will not only soothe your skin, but it will also prevent heat rashes from spreading and becoming worse.

  1. Fuller’s Earth for Heat Rashes

Fuller’s earth is packed with minerals that have anti-inflammatory and healing properties. That is why fuller’s earth has been long used specially for improving skin condition and treating various skin related problems. Excessive production of sebum and sweat during the hot weathers leads to heat rashes and fuller’s earth does a great job in absorbing all the excess oils, sebum and even sweat that your body produces.


Add a little water to three tablespoons of fuller’s earth and mix to form thick paste. Apply this paste on the affected area until it dries completely. Then wash it off with cold water. Repeat this remedy every day for at least one week.

  1. The Baking Soda Compress

You can prepare this very easy itch relieving compress with baking soda, that not only reduces inflammation in the affected area but also relieves the annoying prickly sensation of the heat rash.


Mix one tablespoon of baking soda in one cup of water. Now soak a clean wash cloth in this solution and then squeeze is properly before applying on the affected area. The water will help in reducing inflammation while baking soda will help in controlling the spread of the rash as well as soothing the itch and irritation. Repeat this method 4 to 5 times a day until your condition is completely relieved.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

Sliced of aloe vera leaf

Aloe Vera gel is nature’s ultimate solution to all sorts of skin problems. This plant packs numerous healthful nutrients that promote quick healing of the skin. Aloe Vera has been used for centuries to treat wounds, burns and rashes due to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.


Extract Aloe Vera gel from a beefy leaf and blend it with a small chunk of cucumber. Apply this pack to the affected area for at least fifteen minutes and then rinse with cold water. Repeat this remedy twice a day.

You can also cut Aloe Vera gel into cubes and freeze them to use it as cold compress on the areas affected by heat rashes.

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