Both bacteria and viruses can cause ear infections, specifically in the middle ear. Children are more likely to get hit by these diseases than adults. Why do you experience an ear infection? A lot of factors can contribute to this. A surplus amount of wax in your ears can cause an infection. Different environmental allergies or allergies triggered by food can also be the possible reasons. Your throat infection can spread to the ear area, or the infection might be because of an internal injury Believe it or not, but even nutritional deficiencies can lead to a buildup of infection in your ear sometimes. Whatever is the reason behind having an ear infection, signs and symptoms are usually the same. You will feel a constant headache accompanied by tugging on the ear. Your response towards different sounds will decrease, and you might feel difficulty in falling asleep. Nausea, vomiting and a high-grade fever are also common. Sometimes, you can even see fluid draining out right from your ear.

A human ear is made up of three parts- outer, middle and inner ear. An infection can occur in any of these parts, but the most severe cases have an involvement of the middle ear. It is essential to treat an ear infection no matter what its underlying cause might be. This is because if left untreated, an ear infection can recur chronically and may ultimately lead to deafness. You should consult a doctor too, but for achieving an immediate relief, several home remedies can be applied. Are you suffering from severe pain in the ear? Do you want an immediate relief from it? Check out this article to get to know about some simple home based remedies to get your ear infection cured at home.

1)    Garlic

Garlic possesses incredibly high antiseptic properties which can kill all kinds of bacteria residing in ear. In case you are wondering how to use garlic, there are several ways to do it. You can prepare garlic oil for yourself by cooking some cloves in sesame oil. Then strain the solution and use it as ear drops. You can also make a mixture of garlic and salt by boiling them together in water. Put it in a cloth and hold it against the infected ear to observe relief. If you are not in a mood to go to the kitchen, you can just eat one or two cloves directly.

2)    Salt

Salt is the easiest and simplest remedy to cure ear infections. It is readily available at any home all the time hence, can be applied as the first line treatment. You simply have to heat the salt in a sufficient quantity on stove or in microwave. Place the salt on a piece of cloth and tie it up using a rubber band. You can put it in the affected ear to get relief. The best thing about this remedy is that you can repeat it as many times as you like. Exposing your ear to the heat from salt will help in the drainage of fluid of your ear in addition to curing the pain and the swelling.


3)    Apple Cider Vinegar

If there is a possibility that your ear ache is because of an infection caused by fungus, apple cider vinegar is a great option for you. Always remember to use it diluted form by mixing it with alcohol or water in equal parts. You can soak a cotton ball in the diluted solution and place it inside your ear like an ear plug. Leave it for at least 5 minutes. It is advised to then lay down on the opposite side of the body. This is to ensure that the liquid gets drained. You can use a hair dryer to dry your ear as well. If you don’t have apple cider vinegar, white vinegar can work fine. Apple cider vinegar can be gargled if you feel that the infection is in your Eustachian tube.

4)    Basil

For treating minor infections of the ear, basil can be used. It will not only treat your infection but also give you a break from the nagging pain accompanying it. You can start by crushing the leaves of basil and extract the juice. Applying the juice around the area of infection is beneficial however, be careful not to pour any into the ear canal. For additional benefits, mix basil juice with coconut oil and apply it inside the ear using cotton balls. This process should be repeated twice every day.

5)    Onion

Onion is a very common vegetable hence, readily available everywhere. It also possesses certain properties which makes it perfect for medicinal use. If you are suffering from an ear infection, onion can be of great help. Simply chop an onion and heat it for a few minutes in a microwave. Strain out the juice from it and put a few drops in the ear. You can also use onion by baking it and wrapping it inside a piece of cloth.


6)    Warm Water

Heating your ear is the first remedy for treating ear infections and the troubles caused by them. It can stop the pain and the infestation by pathogens in the ear. You can warm up water in a bottle or use a heating pad for this purpose. A warm compress is also suitable for carrying out this remedy. However, you should never expose your ear to heat for the excessive duration of time. 5 minutes of exposure is enough, and the process should stop after it.

7)    Mango Leaf Juice

For an efficient and instant treatment of ear infection, mango leaf juice is an excellent choice. Grind two or three leaves of mango and extract juice from them. You can warm it up a bit and place a few drops into your ear using a dropper. Your earache will disappear within minutes. No, it is no magic trick, and yes, it works. Following it for a couple of times a day will provide you a complete relief.

8)    Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is proven to have high antimicrobial properties which can provide you an instant liberation from all kinds of ear infections. You need to have three things for this purpose- tea tree oil, colloidal silver and apple cider vinegar. Mix all three in a quantity of one tablespoon each and warm the mixture. Later, you have to fill your entire infected ear with the mixture and then lay down on the other side to ensure that it drains out. Just follow it thrice for two days and voila! Your infection will be gone.

9)    Breast Milk

You might be wondering how breast milk can treat an ear infection? The answer to this question is simple. Breast milk is loaded with natural antibodies and using it can fasten the healing process of a disease. It can help you get rid of any kind of discomfort and swelling in the ear in a matter of minutes. You just have to get breast milk and place a few drops in the ear. Repeat the process after every few hours for best results. It can also treat other problems like minor cuts or burns of lesser degree.

10)    Olive Oil

The presence of excessive amount of wax in the ear can generate a lot of infections. It can not only allow bacteria and fungi to grow inside the year but can also block the Eustachian tubes. This obstruction can be prevented by only using olive oil. Heat olive oil in a small amount and place a few drops into the ears. Warm olive oil will make the ear wax soft which you can clean using cotton swabs. Be careful not to damage your inner ear or eardrum while cleaning out the wax.


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