Eyes are indeed the window to one’s soul. They are in fact, capable of speaking a million words without making a sound. This can be one of the reasons why people are attracted to bright eyes and also wish to have them. Clear and bright eyes are a sign of good health as well as happiness. Their brightness lightens up your face and makes it glow. On the other hand, dull and tired eyes are indicative of either fatigue or illness. Are your eyes dull and do not sparkle at all? There can be a number of reasons for this. These include fatigue, health problems, a lack of sleep or maybe dehydration. Eyes can also lose their charm due to excessive consumption of alcohol and nutritional deficiencies.

Many of you complain how your eyes have lost the spark it used to have due to long working hours and sitting too much in front of a screen. Because of an unhealthy lifestyle, eyes are accompanied by ugly-looking dark patches and puffiness. Are you feeling your eyes have lost the charm? Do you wish to get it back? That is absolutely possible and you don’t even need to spend money for it. This article comprises of different remedies which can make your eyes spark with life by the use of some simple and economical agents. So, give it a try and keep hanging in there to brighten up those eyes of yours!

  1. Cucumber

As most of you know, cucumber is a famous vegetable that tends to relieve dry and tired eyes. It is so common that almost everyone has it in his kitchen. Cucumbers have a naturally high water content which soothes the eyes and makes the dullness go away. Your skin feels more hydrated and puffiness is reduced. It can even treat dark circles if you use it persistently for some time. What is best about using cucumber is that you don’t have to process it to make it useable. Simply cut a chilled cucumber into thick slices and place it on your closed eyes until its coolness diminishes. You can repeat this process as many times as you like and you will see your eyes regain their charm gradually.

  1. Tea Bags

Tea bags are a great way of reducing eye strain in addition to restoring their natural spark. For this purpose, you can use both black and green tea bags. Confused how tea bags can cause brightening of your eyes? These little bags are magical and possess antioxidant and anti-irritant properties which can reduce the redness in your eyes and make it less puffy. And there is no rocket science involved in using it perfectly as well. You just need to steep a couple of tea bags in hot water for five minutes and then take them out. Squeeze the surplus amount of water and cool them by placing it in a refrigerator. Take them out after fifteen minutes and you have your own home-made drug for sparkling eyes all set to be used.

  1. Rose Water

The role of rose water is quite clear when it comes to facial beauty. But did you know that it can also help you in getting those bright eyes full of life? Well, now you do. Rose water is capable of rejuvenating the skin that surrounds the eyes. It also decreases the dark circles to make eyes more prominent. You can use it in a very easy way whenever you like. Just dip a cotton ball in cold rose water and place it on your closed eyes. Wash your eyes after 15 minutes. You can repeat this process for as long as you like because rose water does not cause any side effects. How cool is that?

  1. Milk

Eyes are exposed to pollution and dust all day, you need to properly cleanse them just like your face. While people use water for this purpose, you always have milk as a better option. Cool a sufficient amount of milk and then use cotton balls to apply it on your eyes every day. This will not only make the tiredness of eyes go away but also impart a sparkling appearance to them.



  1. Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is also known as ‘Amla’ and is a good treatment option to have brighter eyes. Amla consists of vitamin A and C, both of which are absolute essentials for regaining the lost strength of the ocular muscles. If you often come across eye troubles like watering, itching, and redness, this might be the best remedy for you. You can always eat amla directly or by mixing its juice in water. Don’t like the taste of it? Get yourself some amla powder and mix it in water to make your personal face wash to get those sparkling eyes.

  1. Adequate Sleep

Do you love to sleep? Because now you have a reason to do it. Getting adequate sleep is essential to maintain healthy and bright eyes. Sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours every day to avoid droopy and dull eyes. For getting a sound sleep, fix a specific time for going to bed and follow it every night. Make sure that your room is ventilated and away from the reach of disturbing noises. You must never have a heavy meal just before going to sleep.

  1. Honey

Honey is a perfect agent for pumping up the brightness in your eyes owing to its disinfectant properties. It creates a soothing effect and prevents the eyes from getting any kind of infection. All you need to do is to pour a few drops of honey in your eyes and let it stay for fifteen minutes. The eyes can be washed thoroughly afterward. You can repeat it twice or thrice every week. Always remember to use a pure form of honey for achieving faster and better results.


  1. Fennel Seeds

Commonly known as saunf, fennel seeds are great for the treatment of different kinds of eye diseases. fennel improves the visual acuity and makes the eyes healthy. These seeds can also serve as a natural cleansing agent for your eyes. Just boil a sufficient amount of fennel seeds in water and strain the solution. Use a few drops every week to have cleaner and shiny eyes.

  1. Exercise Your Eyes

You might be culpable of gazing at the computer screens for long periods of time like everyone else. See, you’re doing it now too. You might not be able to run away from the digital screens, but you can absolutely blink more often to keep your eyes moist. Try to walk away from your table PC or laptop screen after every 45-60 minutes. You should also try to do some eye exercises before going to bed. These exercises can be either staring at the tip of the pen, moving it horizontally and vertically across the eyes at the same time.

  1. Strawberry Slices

The strawberry slices can be a great tip as the alpha-hydroxy present in strawberries not only help to make the skin look more smooth and young, but it also helps in reducing the eye puffiness and even swelling. Refrigerate the strawberries for about half an hour if you plan on removing the puffiness. Remember to remove the tops of the cold strawberries and slice them into thick prices. Lay back with the strawberries on your eyes for no less than 15 minutes.


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