Reduce Eosinophil

Eosinophil is white blood cells which are a part of blood. Mainly constituted by Red blood cells (RBC) and white blood cells (WBC) which are more associated with immunity. An eosinophil is basically a subtype of white blood cells which is responsible for controlling body’s reaction. It controls the effects of the body against pathogens, allergens etc. They also play the role in controlling allergy, respiratory infections, and asthma. Eosinophils are produced in bone marrow from which they migrate to skin cells and surface. By nature, they are proteins which have the potential to fight back against a foreign attack. Eosinophilia is an increased number of Eosinophils which is the abnormal pattern for the body. The cells start to get the deposit in tissues and induce the chances of more severe attacks. Eosinophilia can be with or without asthma. The reason of eosinophilia cannot be determined exactly. Many extrinsic and intrinsic factors play the role for it.

It is usually controlled by medicines. However many home solutions proved to be helpful. The significance level of these home remedies depends on your stage and body responses. The response of any home based remedy can be different for different persons. You must try at least 4-5 remedies before adopting one completely. Here is a short review of all the helpful remedies which you can perform at home.

  1. Use Neem Juice/ Neem Supplements

Neem is a common name of “Azadirachta indica” which is a famous medicinal tree of the Indian subcontinent. It is helpful to treat eosinophilia. Neem has natural properties of being anti-microbial. It is effective for many types of microbes and the infections inside the body. A patient of eosinophilia can take Neem juice as a dietary alternate of any regular juice. There are neem supplements available too which are helpful and easy to swallow. It also reduces the bad taste of neem which otherwise leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It detoxifies the blood and naturally elevates the immunity of the body.

  1. Inhale Steam With Essential Oils

Steam is usually advised to the patients of a cough and cold. However, steam has unlimited benefits depending upon its usage. The Patients of eosinophilia are usually a victim of bad throat and cough. The nasal cavity and mucus lining are often inflammation which makes the situation very uncomfortable. Inhaling steam will open the nasal cavity which eventually helps to open the blocked passage due to thick mucus lining. For taking steam, you can boil water in a medium to large pot. For better results, add any essential oil (2,3 drops only) and inhale the steam. Cover your head with a clean towel. You can use the steam twice or thrice a day.

  1. Avoid Eating Certain Foods In Routine

 Eosinophilia is not just a blood and respiratory related disease. It also effects esophagus which is food canal in common terms. Many food items can induce a heartburn sensation which makes it impossible to digest the food completely. These foods make the eosinophilia, even more, worse. Such food items are garlic, onion, mint, fried food, fermented sauces, carbs, alcohol and fizzy drinks.

  1. Increase The Intake Of Black Pepper In Your Diet

Pepper is a common herb of the Indian continent. It has been popularized with time and now the whole world knows its benefits. It is a regular spice in many cuisines. The taste developed by pepper is mild to sharp which depends upon their quantity. Black pepper is scientifically called “Piper nigrum” which has multiple medicinal uses. It helps to relieve a cough, congestion, and inflammation. You can add a teaspoon of black pepper powder with honey to a cup of hot water and consume it 2-3 times a day. It will make all the infections go in no time with additional health benefits such as better skin, detoxification of the body and immune support.

  1. Avoid The Allergens Completely

It is necessary to completely avoid the allergens. Eosinophilia is linked with body’s response to alien particles which is the allergic reaction. These particles are called allergens and can cause serious damage to the body. It can even induce asthma or related respiratory issues. The patient must avoid the conditions which expose him to such allergens. Avoid the dust, smoke, pollen, fur of pets and other allergens.

  1. Tulsi Plant

Tulsi is a famous name in Ayurvedic medicine which is one of the oldest medicinal systems of the world. It is scientifically called “Ocimum tenuiflorum” and is proven to be helpful for various health conditions including eosinophilia. It is an ancient herb which has the cure for many diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, asthma, allergy and blood-related diseases. For eosinophilia, Tulsi root is extremely beneficial. You can use the dry powder of the root or the boiled tea with root so that incidence of allergies is to reduce to the minimum.

  1. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is scientifically called “Curcuma longa” and “Haridra” in Ayurvedic medicine. It is a naturally occurring antimicrobial which is effective against all types of microorganisms. It is anti inflammatory, anti-caner and anti-pain which helps to prevent the conditions for eosinophilia. If you want to lower down the Eosinophil levels, you must take turmeric tea in the regular routine. Also, you can use turmeric powder in hot milk daily. Turmeric heals and repairs all the damages and wounds internally.

  1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is Indian Ginseng which has a botanical name of “Withania somnifera”. It is a hidden gem which has now been revealed to the world for its multiple properties. It is a natural antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and the anti-allergic agent which significantly lowers the eosinophil count with regular usage. It can be used in various ways

  1. Hydrate Your Body

The patient of eosinophilia must keep his body hydrated to a maximum level. By taking excess amount of water, the toxins and other waste products are washed out and excreted, leaving behind a healthy body. Even the mucus is diluted with excessive water intake and it consequently vanishes. You must take at least 13-16 glasses of clean water daily. It is also necessary to increase the liquid food intake such as juices. Liquid food also works like water for the body.

  1. Make A Routine For Yoga Practice

Yoga is an ancient technique to improve the immune system and update the body’s health status. Yoga practice cannot be self-learned. You would require assistance and guidance by certified yoga instructor to learn it. It is effective for all age groups. There are certain practice exercises which are helpful for particular health issues such as eosinophilia.


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