If you are a parent, clothes stained with dirt, mud or ketchup are just another routine matter for you. You son comes home with his white shirt splattered with mud and food stains and while washing you discover that the best detergents with their fancy super-impressive ads aren’t good. Or you are a teenager who loves to party hard and wear fancy dresses and all of a sudden you realize that a drop of curry has stained your favorite outfit, making it a garbage. You rush to YouTube in search for the best working stain remover, but all in vein. But you know what really works? Some handy stain removers you’ll find around the house which you think were just waste materials.

Just like the food you eat, make sure the cleaning products you use must be non-toxic. It’s better for us and for the clothes. Although there are a lot of ‘natural’ enzymatically rich detergents out there, but below is a list of some common household items which helps to reduce the stains on clothes. These techniques are intended to be used on regular everyday clothing only, preferably cotton.

  1. Act Rapidly

The best plan of action to reduce stains is to act rapidly as soon as possible. Time and heat are the two most important things that balance the intensity of the stain on the fabrics. If possible, rush to the nearest sink and wash the affected area of the cloth. Although being speedy doesn’t seem to be always realistic, but the first tip is to wash the affected area of the cloth as soon as possible. Add some salt in the water if feasible as this will help the stain to break down and will keep the fabric from drying out.

  1. Baby Powder

This is nothing but a magic for those nasty curry stains or oil spills. There’s no big science in this technique other than to sprinkle a sufficient amount of the stain. Now just wait for the stain to soak up the oil. This method works more efficiently if the powder is sprinkled immediately after the staining.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

If you are unaware of the type of stain and you are just dying to remove it, try this sure-fire remover. There is no science in using this procedure. Firstly mix a teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide with the cream of tartar (non-gel toothpaste also works). Then rub the paste on the stain, preferably with a soft cloth. in the end, rinse the cloth properly. Good luck finding the stain site.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is y our best friend when it comes to stains of tomato, berry or an oil stain. Just soak the article of clothing in vinegar and water. The stain will magically disappear. If you have some time, soaking the cloth overnight in vinegar and water mixture works best.

Vinegar is also your best friend in the case of those yellow sweat stains. Try to rub the area with vinegar and water mixture. if this doesn’t work, make a paste with vinegar and baking soda, rub it thoroughly on the stained area and allow it to sit for at least thirty minutes. Baking soda will rock, leaving you fully contended. it must be noted here that vinegar works like a rockstar for old stains too.

  1. Lemon

The best non-toxic stain remover is the lemon essential oil. Lemon can be used to make different kinds of recipes which can remove nearly every kind of stain. Following are some of the recipes to try with lemon.

  1. Use one cup vinegar with ten drops of essential oil. Combine these two in a glass spray bottle. Spray remover on the stain and allow it to sit for ten minutes. Wash with normal water.
  2. Use one cup of water, 1/4 cup of soap and ten drops of essential lemon oil. Mix these contents in a glass bottle and allow them to soak for about ten minutes and then rinse normally with water
  3. You can also use essential lemon oil directly to the stain. Wash the clothes immediately after putting some drops of essential lemon oil.

Lemon can be a bit harsh for the fabric color to test the recipes on a small area of fabric before applying on the whole area.

  1. Iron

When the lights go out, you are supposed to use a candle stand. Instead, you are in much haste that you run onto your candle tops directly allowing stubborn wax stains to appear. Well, just place a couple of paper towels over the stain and iron on top of them. The wax will melt and will be transferred onto the paper towels, giving you your neat clothes back.

  1. Club Soda

Club soda can be quite handy if you are in a restaurant and everything fails. There’s no extreme science in this technique other than pouring the soda on the spill. The soda will cause the stain to rise up to the surface. This can be washed off with water or can simply be removed with a tissue.

  1. Acetone/ Nail Polish Remover

Don’t get pleased after reading nail polish remover as ordinary nail polish removers only cause more stains. Acetone is your best bet as it can effectively remove stains due to nail polishes or paints. Make sure to test acetone on a small area of the fabric to ensure that the color does not fade off.

  1. Body Lotion

Ever thought of removing stains from your shirts with the help of your moisturizer? Well now you can because it is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of different kinds of stains. Body lotion can not only remove dirt stains but also works on the marks left behind by fingerprints and color pencils. Just put a generous amount of body lotion on the required area and wipe it off gently with a soft fabric. Your shirt will be as a good as new in a matter of minutes, that too without involving water and washing powder.

  1. Salt

Salt is an absolute essential while dealing with stubborn stains that are not willing to go away no matter how hard you try. It is particularly useful if your clothes are stained with red wine. This is an amazing solution to wipe off the stains immediately because salt is available almost everywhere. So, if you find yourself in a bar with red wine spilled on your shirt, put on some salt to save it from getting ruined.


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