You frequently hear about people getting Athlete’s foot but have you ever wondered what exactly is it and how do people get it? Athlete’s foot is a type of fungus that targets the human feet. In medical terms, it is known as “tinea pedis” and involves itchiness around the toes. The fungal infection can also peel off the skin and causes dryness on the skin of the feet. Your toenails can become thick and ragged, and sometimes discoloration may occur. The fungus is more likely to affect men as compared to women.

How do you acquire the infection?  By creating a perfect environment for fungus to grow. You do not have to be an athlete to encounter this disease. Provide a moist environment, and it will grow real quick. The areas between your toes are particularly vulnerable to Athlete’s foot because a moist and warm environment is set up when you keep the toes pressed together.

You can avoid this infection by getting rid of sweaty socks as soon as possible and avoiding creams loaded with chemicals. Since it can reside under your toenails, they must be kept to minimum possible length. You must also keep a spare pair of socks with you if you tend to sweat a lot and really fast. Sleep with your feet bare and out of the covers. Keep them as dry as possible to avoid Athlete’s foot. But what if you have already encountered it? There are a few home based remedies, in that case, to ensure that you don’t have to deal with it any longer.


1)    Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a guaranteed way to get rid of bacteria and fungi; hence, it can help you get rid of Athlete’s foot. You have to soak your feet in it to steer clear of this infection that is causing you so much trouble. Not only can it treat Athlete’s foot, but it can also cure any other fungus growing under nails. Remember that using hydrogen peroxide is going to sting a little, especially if you have cracked skin. You have to take 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide and mix it in a gallon of water, preferably lukewarm. Soak your feet in it for half an hour twice every day to treat the infection. Dry your feet thoroughly after repeating the process. Remember not to you more than 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide as it can damage your skin.


2)    Baking Soda

Baking soda is a popular agent for killing bacteria and working as an anti-fungal substance. What you need to have is some baking soda and cold water to put this remedy to use. Mix baking soda and water with each other in a ratio of 1:3.  A thick paste will be formed which you must use on your feet after washing and drying them. Apply the paste in a circular motion and don’t forget to use it between your toes. Wait until it dries, then wash it off. If this feels inconvenient, you can just sprinkle baking soda directly into your shoes as well.

3)    Maintaining Hygiene

Hygiene is the most important thing to consider whether or not you are having Athlete’s foot. Washing your feet regularly and drying them off properly makes sure that one does not get the infection in the first place. If you are already heaving one, it will stop the worsening and treat it gradually. You don’t need to have any special products to maintain the hygiene of your feet. Just make sure to wash them two times every day using soap and water.

Rub the soap all over the feet including the space between the toes. Wash them off and dry them properly using a towel so that no moisture is left behind. Always keep in mind to use a separate towel for drying your feet because Athlete’s foot is communicable. If you don’t want to use a towel, hair dryer can do the job more efficiently.


4)    Vinegar

Vinegar is great for your skin, and it is easily available, so why not use it for Athlete’s foot? Get one part of vinegar and mix it with three parts of water. You can use this mixture to soak your feet it. Alternatively, place some of the mixtures in a spray bottle and keep spraying it on the infected areas at regular intervals to see the results.


5)    Lemon

Grossed out by the smell of your feet suffering from Athlete’s foot? Don’t worry; there is a remedy for that as well. Lemon juice has certain properties which will not only speed up the recovery of your feet but will also make the horrible smell go away. You need to have a half cup of lemon juice and lots of water to perform this remedy. Mix both ingredients in a big tub and soak your feet in it for 15 minutes every day to get rid of the foul smelling odor.

6)    Cornstarch

Cornstarch is known for its property to absorb moisture and that is why you should be considering it to treat your fungal problem. You need to have a half cup of cornstarch for this purpose. Place the cornstarch in a preheated oven and wait for a few minutes. When you feel that the cornstarch has turned brown, take it out. If you don’t have an electric oven, heat it on a stove for a small period and don’t forget to keep stirring it all the time. Now, take sub cornstarch and start rubbing it on your infected feet. Let it stay for around five to ten minutes, then wash off. Dry your feet with a clean towel and always wash your hands after completing the remedy.


7)    Ginger

Why you should prefer ginger for Athlete’s foot is because it acts fast to treat it and it leaves behind a pleasant smell. Chop a fresh ginger and add it to a cup of water. Boil it for about 15 minutes and cool it down. You can use this to clean your feet every day.


8)    Garlic

Although it is a healing remedy, it might make your feel smell a little. Garlic is a potent agent for curing Athlete’s foot. It has Allicin as its active component which works to inhibit the growth of a fungus named as Trichophyton rubrum which causes Athlete’s foot in most of the people. All you have to do is to take some fresh slices of garlic and place them between your toes for the whole day. You can also use garlic paste for this purpose. If you cannot tolerate the smell of it, try eating it or adding it to your daily foods although it might take a little longer to heal the infection.

9)    Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil works like magic on all types of fungal infection. You can even apply it on the areas which are heavily infested with fungus causing Athlete’s foot. It will not only treat the disease but also stop it from spreading to other regions. Just prepare yourself a regular foot bath and add almost 40 drops of tea tree oil in it. Allow your feet to soak in for ten to fifteen minutes. Take them out and dry them thoroughly. Now place a few drops on the infected area and massage it until it gets completely absorbed.

10)    Oregano

Oregano consists of some essential oils which can combat disease-causing agents in an efficient manner. Therefore, using it is an essential. Take a few oregano leaves and use them to make tea. Soak your feet in this tea for at least two times every day. Some people suggest to reuse the tea, but it is better if you make a fresh one every day.



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