StrictionD Review: Manage Blood Sugar Naturally

Diabetes has become a global epidemic in the recent years and has been labeled the disease of civilization due to the underlying causes of this condition, which is mostly attributed to people’s lifestyle and eating habits. This may sound alarming to some people but it makes sense given how much sugar is added in our food.

With the rise of Diabetes has brought several products and treatments aimed to combat the disease by managing your blood sugar. StrictionD is one such product that claims to provide natural and nutritional supplementation for lowering your blood sugar. In order to check a product’s efficacy, it is important to look deep into what it is made of, how it works and what does it exactly do. So let’s do just that.

What is StrictionD?

StrictionD is a dietary supplement aimed to treat the underlying reasons of Diabetes. According to the manufacturer, this formula can help in lowering blood sugar, lowering blood lipids (triglycerides and cholesterol), restoring body’s sensitivity to insulin, and controlling blood pressure. These are the claims made on the official website of StrictionD.

The man behind the invention of StrictionD is Rob Walker, who is a registered dietician and recently retired Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN). Rob developed the formula to provide people suffering from or at risk of diabetes with a 100% natural and safe alternative to prescription medication.

StrictionD is manufactured in the United States at an FDA-registered facility and adhering to FDA guidelines. The supplement comes in the form of 60 vegetarian capsules, which means that each capsule is formulated with plant-based gelatin and hence, it is safe to use for both vegetarians and vegans.

How Does StrictionD Work?

StrictionD primarily works to lower your blood sugar by shrinking body’s resistance to insulin. This is achieved with the help of a natural formula containing unique herbal ingredients that are scientifically proven to be highly effectual in achieving balance low and high blood pressure.

The supplement also helps to improve overall health and counter cholesterol. According to the company website, it improves triglycerides by at least 23% as well as bad cholesterol by up to 27%. Some ingredients in the formula contain high content of antioxidants to help prevent age related symptoms and degenerative disorders.

It seems the real substance behind StrictionD claims comes from the fact that the formula is made of completely natural and unique ingredients to offer a safe and effective solution. Several online forums and websites have published detailed reviews and customers have also shared their personal experiences while using StrictionD.

Ingredients of StrictionD

The good thing about this supplement is that there is plenty of research available on all the ingredients included in the supplement. The list of ingredients is also provided on the label of the bottle. It is imperative to read the label carefully and follow all directions mentioned in order to gain maximum benefit and avoid any complication.

  • Ceylon Cinnamon

The chief active ingredient in the supplement is Ceylon cinnamon. Detailed studies have been conducted to reveal its uses especially to deal with high blood sugar. In 2005, a Chinese research concluded that daily use of cinnamon could help diabetic patients improve their insulin sensitivity, reduce spiking blood sugar, control cholesterol as well as lower LDL content.

  • Chromium

This is another key ingredient included in the formula. A study conducted in 2005 gave participating patients herbochromium supplementation which is essentially clinical version of this ingredient in StrictionD.

After 2 months, all patients had significant improvement in their diabetes condition in complete contrast to the placebo group. The improvements noted a drop in fasting blood sugar and postprandial blood sugar, as well as declining cholesterol and urinary microalbumin range.

  • Corosolic Acid

This ingredient has also been well studied and in 2004 study, it was found that diabetic mice had much lower blood sugar levels when given a dose of corosolic acid compared to the mice who were not given the dose. It further concluded that the hypoglycemic affects of corosolic acid can be highly effective in treating hypoglycemia and diabetes.

  • Thiamine

It is also known and proven to contain therapeutic qualities that can be handy for people with diabetes. A study found that Thiamine could help in reducing oxidative stress which is a major factor in high blood pressure and heart disease.

  • Zinc

Zinc is the final ingredient of the supplement. An Australian research conducted in 2013 showed that people who ate found lacking sufficient zinc were more prone to developing diabetes, while people with high zinc levels had their risk of developing diabetes almost half.

Pros of Using StrictionD

  • StrictionD has natural and unique ingredients that have been sourced from trusted organic farms, and thus have no reported side effects.
  • There is enough scientific data available to support the claims that the company makes about StrictionD and its health benefits.
  • It is much less expensive than most prescription medications for diabetes, and much safer to use.
  • All orders are secured with a full, 60-days refund policy for customer’s peace of mind.
  • As a matter of convenience, StrictionD is delivered right at your doorstep.

Cons of Using StrictionD

  • StrictionD is not meant to serve as a replacement for your medical recommendations.
  • The supplement offers a mode of treatment, but it should not be considered a cure for Type 2 diabetes.
  • Similarly, it can’t substitute for insulin injections in patients with Type 1 diabetes.
  • The product is only available online for purchase, and is not available in stores.

Price of StrictionD

The price of this product is originally set to $49.40 for a single pack that contains 60 capsules, which works out to $0.82 per capsule. However, the company runs different discounts and offers from time to time that one can check out by visiting the website.

It is worth mentioning here that StrictionD is backed by a solid 60 days peace of mind. So if you’re not completely happy with the results, you can just return the empty bottle and full amount of your money will be returned to you, no questions asked. This gives further credence to the product.

Where to Buy StrictionD

The product is exclusively offered online and one can buy the supplement by visiting the official website and placing order there. Simply fill out some information and also make payment via different online methods available like credit/debit card, PayPal, etc. Once confirmed, the order takes around 2 or 3 days to be delivered to your address.

Final Words

All in all, one can see StrictionD is a supplement that is worth giving a try in cases of diabetes, pre-diabetes, or hyperglycemia. The 100% natural and organic ingredients have been scientifically proven for their potency and efficacy. There is reason to be positive about this supplement helping you improve your insulin sensitivity.

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