If your body is a victim of frequent infectious disorders, “Salus Structured Silver” may be the eventual solution to it! Its probiotic influence, protecting the healthy tissues against any harm, eradicates all kinds of microbial toxins making a momentous difference to the general wellbeing of an individual.

Salus Defense is a popular pharmaceutical company who has come up with the idea of the liquid silver formula use to combat pathogens in a body. The structured silver works on the chemistry of water-silver bonded molecules reducing the microbial load to a harmless level. White silver is one of the strongest and potentially powerful ingredients of the supplements existing today. Salus Structured Silver is a key step towards the use of silver-based supplements employing a healthy and customary amount of silver. Many disadvantages like argyria are also evaporated in this way.

This supplement has an appearance, taste, and odor similar to that of water. However, this is not just water but a highly stabilized complex of a tiny amount of silver outperforming the older silver strategies like silver hydrosol and colloidal silver. On contrary to primitive acidic silvers, Salus Structured Silver is mildly alkaline and free of any artificial ingredient and preservative. This means that this supplement contains 99% water, 1% silver and no other additive at all.

How does structured silver work?

Although, the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract are crucial for our bodily system they are commonly ignored until a dysfunction arises. The bacteria present in our food are a common cause of the stomach and GIT’s (gastrointestinal tract) problem we face. The water-silver complex of the supplement provides an alkaline pH to the body making it impossible for the pathogens to survive such a mild salty environment.

Upon Ingestion, the Structured Silver water bonds provide electromagnetic energy for the destruction of bacteria without altering the pH levels of GIT. The silver molecules trap the pathogens and are expelled out of the body with them without elevating the levels of silver inside the body that may otherwise cause serious damage. In essence, the structured silver only targets pathogenic bacteria and has nothing to do with the beneficial ones. This is due to the inability of water to penetrate fat. The double fat layer around the healthy bacteria offers a barrier to the bonded silver water. However, the unhealthy, pathogenic bacteria are one electron thick thus offer an easy target to the supplement.

On contrary, antibiotics target both healthy and harmful cells. A condition called “gut-dysbiosis” occurs in such cases. It is basically a disproportion in our gut flora that may serve as a cause for other problems too. In my opinion, all the antibiotics present in our food and all that is prescribed to people and given to animals have caused certain body imbalances along with the progression of drug-opposing “superbugs”. However, structured silver is secure, and prepared for incomparable immune system support.

Benefits of Structured Silver

Mentioned below are some of the major benefits one may have if they consume this item and the main courses they should anticipate upon acquisition of the supplement.

  1. Dedicated Creators:

It is said that the manufacturers of this supplement are very dedicated and enthusiastic. They have listed down all their business rules and regulations in detail on their website enumerating their values and efforts to ensure consumer’s contentment. While this is something that companies usually are not concerned about.

  1. Reliable and Healthy:

Normally, the number of ailments and side effects offered by silver-based supplements, peel off the original advantages in comparison. It is no longer the case because silver-based supplements are prepared with such chemistry that they don’t harm the body anymore and are safe to use.

  1. Comes in a Variety of Packs:

Realizing the different needs of the people, the creators of the supplement have manufactured different packs varying in the amount of the drug that is available on their website so that one can pick and order according to their need. There is a beginner’s pack that helps people to test whether the supplements is suitable for them before moving onto costly amounts.

  1. Cleanses Your Gastrointestinal Structure

The gut region is the main house of most of the pathogens causing illnesses. The structured silver supplement washes off the entire microbial load leading to a healthy gut. Eradication of the bacteria leads to a clean GI Tract, minimizing stomach disorders and other digestive infections.

  1. Promotes Hormonal Balance

Hormonal imbalance leaves the body inactive and energy deficient. They are an essential part of our body. The alkaline properties of the Salus Structured Silver bring about a balance in the body hormones by keeping their secretions within a healthy range. The alkaline environment also maintains the pH range required for a body to work healthfully. The silver-based supplement also ensures a sufficient and moderate amount of enzymes produced in the body. It allows a specific working environment for their activities.

  1. Improves Skin Health

Acne is an outcome of bacteria in the sweat glands and follicles of the hair. Similarly, many skin problems arise due to different kinds of bacteria present on and inside the body that may lead to occasional scars by dissolving the epithelial tissues. The silver-based supplements are a solution to such problems. They reduce acne size and damages within days improving the quality and texture of the skin. They have the power to rejuvenate the skin from the top to the bottom layer.

  1. Lowers Inflammation

Structured silver also acts as a fighting tool against inflammation. Many bacteria, viruses, and pathogens cause inflammation due to their cytotoxic activity. They release certain toxins that cause body cells to inflammate resultantly. If ignored for longer times, inflammation may cause serious health issues influencing the body in a negative manner i.e. causing swelling, soreness, irritation, and redness of the skin etc. The silver formula fights these causes, providing the individual with fewer health issues.

Suggested Dosage

The appropriate dosage of structured silver as mentioned on its official retailer website is “two teaspoons, twice per day.”

How Do I Access It?

Any products from Salus Defense are accessible from their authorized website. Visa, MasterCard or American Express can be used for all kind of purchases. Furthermore, there are fundamental seller websites like Amazon and E-bay that are available online.


Salus Structured Silver is one of the most recent and most captivating ways to strengthen and boost our body and grants it with numerous benefits. Created by safe and responsible hands this supplement is safe and sound for the body’s internal environment. It acts as a solution to numerous harms to the immune system of an organism. Structured silver can also be a remedy for the widespread issues women incident such as yeast overproduction. Causing no harm to the healthy tissues and combating the pathogens exclusively is what makes these supplements unique.

The probiotic influence of the Salus defense Structured Silver renders it to shield the body of the organism against foreign invaders. Instead of reverberating between antibiotics and antifungals, it is encouraged to investigate silver. Once the benefits offered by the structured silver are explored by you and your family, you’ll never be the same!


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