If there’s anything you need to know about removing a bug infestation is that all your efforts will be in vein until you destroy the nest itself. The same strategy goes for killing the ants too. No matter how many hundreds of ants you have killed on a trail, the reality is there are tens of thousands more present back in the nest, waiting to tease you and show you their quantitative power and to swarm that bread loaf you just left on the table. A single ant queen can produce thousands of eggs per day, so it’s actually an endless battle unless you don’t fight it smartly in a right way.

The question here arises, how to locate the colony or is it even possible to remove every single ant? the answer is plain and simple- You don’t need to.  All you need to know is that there can be multiple colonies hidden somewhere behind the cracks in the floors.

So, if your old methods of dealing with ants isn’t just cutting anymore and you need new techniques and new strategies to cover up all the mess that ants have created, we’ve got it covered. It’s time to suit up and let the battle begin.

1. Cover the Foot Pedals of Your Picnic Tables:

It’s that lovely time of the year were picnic tables and food scraps are running amuck. But you don’t have to let the ants ruin your lovely campout or picnic.

Always bring some extra containers with you such as Tupperware or deep disposable plates. Pie tins can be an amazingly perfect way to stop the ants crawling up your picnic table.

By simply placing the legs of the table into the containers we’ll be able to make an effective barrier against creepy crawlies that are trying to make their way to the top. Just fill each pie tin with water and they won’t get far.

Your picnic table is complete!

2. Dispose of Soda Cans Properly:

Now obviously the best way to avoid an ant infestation is to make sure you leave nothing behind that they want. The sugar left over on something even as tiny as the tip of the soda can be enough to send one little soldier back to his nest for backup.

So before you toss your cans and bottles in the bins, give them a light rinse to remove any sweet coating that might remain.  And keep in mind, just because you don’t see anything, does not mean it’s not there.

Make sure to always rinse your recyclables before they get stored.

  1. The Legendary Borax:

If the ants have already penetrated your defenses, you can start by making your own traps to protect the areas you suspect they might be interested in.

Get some sugar, some water, and some borax. As the ant killers go, borax is going to sit at the top of the list as its ant slaying abilities are legendary. Get yourself a small container and add 3 teaspoons of sugar directly to it. Now grab that borax and add only one tablespoon. You don’t want the borax to overpower the sugar, or the ants won’t take the bait.

Try to use tiny and cheap containers to hold the mixture. Pour enough in it to cover the bottoms and you’ll need to add just enough water to make a syrup from the powders. Simply dip a straw into a glass of water and drip it over the mixture. You can always add more water later. So, go slow with and begin mixing everything together until it runs kind of like maple syrup.

Be sure to keep it out of reach of the children and animals. While borax is a common item, it shouldn’t be consumed under any circumstances.

  1. Bring Vinegar Into Play:

You need to find the ant colony at first, and if you knew where they are coming from, it would be far better to destroy them at their source.

Now spray some vinegar over the colony entrance and wait for the results. Sometimes the numerous ants come rushing out of their colonies in order to save themselves from the vinegar, and that’s where the battle starts.

Spray more vinegar to kill them instantly or to make them move to another location.

  1. Water and Cayenne pepper:

If you want to avoid any harsh chemicals that might harm your yard growth, this is the one for you. Just run a hose up to the ant’s home and turn it up for about 10 minutes.

You really want to saturate the dirt and send the ants packing. Just do it daily until all activity ceases. Now, there’s a far more effective way to go about this. Simply throw a pot of water on the stove and mix in a healthy amount of cayenne pepper to make this more potent.

Vinegar will work too if you don’t have any cayenne pepper. Once the water reaches its full boil, ask someone to grab the door for you and grasp that water with oven mitts on. The boiling water will kill them and wash them away

  1. Try Used Coffee beans:

The ants are very sensitive insects and they don’t like the smell of the coffee. The coffee grounds, if sprinkled around the perimeter of the ant’s colony, can easily help in removing the number of ants in that perimeter.

If some baking soda is added to the coffee grounds, both these chemicals will act synergistically to remove the ant colonies. The coffee beans can also help in stopping the entry points of the colony, thereby blocking them permanently into their homes. For this, make sure to stuff as many coffee beans as possible.

  1. Use Some Orange Juice:

Oranges can be very tasty for many us, but they are dangerous and lethal to the ants as orange juice contains a large amount of citric acid.

Citrus contains d-limonene, which is toxic to ants. It also masks their scent trails. Not only oranges but lemon and grapefruit essential oils also contain d-limonene. Take a glass of warm water and add many drops of orange juice in it. Mix them well and pour the solution over the ant hill.

The ants will scatter and the original colony will be emptied. This method is just fine for patios and gardens.


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