An infection in the upper respiratory tract can incapacitate you and cause weakness in your body. If not treated properly, it can even stay for as long as a month and bother you every single day.  It is an infection caused by a pathogen included in the upper respiratory tract. Your larynx, trachea, pharynx and sinuses are equally prone to catching it. So what causes this disease? Most of the infections encountered by your upper respiratory tract are because of viruses. This makes the infections highly communicable to you have to take care while sneezing and coughing because you would be transmitting viruses. Bacteria can also account for some of these infections.

The likelihood of catching an upper respiratory tract infection increases during the winter season. If you already have a weak immunity, you can catch it quickly. It is easy to detect such infections because of their characteristic symptoms. These symptoms include Epiglottitis, Otitis Media, Common Cold, Tonsilitis, Pharyngitis, and Tracheitis. You can also suffer from an infection in sinus and Rhinitis. Dealing with upper respiratory tract infection can be troublesome. You have to take a lot of medicines for an extended period to get rid of inflammation caused in different areas of the respiratory tract. Also because the disease is contagious, you have to limit your exposure to others as the virus can spread to others from the door knobs and sink faucets that you came in contact with earlier.

If you are suffering from an infection in any part of your upper respiratory tract, don’t worry, you are covered. Mentioned below are some home remedies that you can easily apply in your everyday life to get rid of these infections and make your life peaceful.

1)    Garlic

Garlic is a potent agent for boosting the immune system of your body. People have been using garlic for centuries to relieve their problems related to the upper respiratory illnesses. Do you know that garlic was used as a medicine for respiratory complications long before antibiotics were even discovered? Well, now you do. Components such as sulfhydryl, allicin and other compounds containing sulfur are what grants garlic its strong medicinal properties. So add more garlic to your everyday meals to fortify the immunity of your body. You can also take garlic supplements for this purpose.


2)    Echinacea

Echinacea is a herb that bears flowers. It is a common agent that has been used as a part of natural medicine for so many years. The grass consists of some extraordinary abilities to give a boost to the immune system of your body. It works as soon as your body manifests the very first symptom of an upper respiratory tract infection. It is referred to as a “cure-all” herb in general terms because it can enhance the fighter cells of your body and combat almost all kinds of diseases. It can increase the levels of properdin in a human body. Properdin is a chemically active substance that sets off the immune system of the body to fight off bacteria and viruses along with their infections. Echinacea is particularly useful for warding off symptoms of flu and cold.

3)    Green Onion

Green onion is also known as scallion, and it closely resembles garlic. A green onion has immune-boosting abilities which mark for its use in upper respiratory infection. You can also use it as a preventive food while you are suffering from the disease. Curious to know how it works? Green onion has a high concentration of vitamin B, vitamin C, sulfur compounds and some trace minerals which are responsible for its extensive use. You can use it in your very own recipe of vegetable soup to relish it while treating your infection at the same.

4)    Lemon

As awkward as it sounds, lemon is great for healing your upper respiratory tract infection. You have to squeeze out the juice from a standard sized lemon and mix it in a glass of lukewarm water. You can add a bit of honey to grant a sweet flavor to the drink. Follow this remedy for some days by drinking this mixture once or twice daily, and you are guaranteed to feel the difference in severity of your infection


5)    Ginger

Feeling depressed because of the pain in your upper respiratory tract? Ginger is there to save the day. Ginger is possibly one of the most effective remedies for treating infections occupying the top portion of your respiratory tract. Grind some ginger and add it to boiling water. Let it stay for about ten minutes. Remove it from heat, add some honey and enjoy your ginger tea to treat the infection quickly.


6)    Elderberry

If you are trying to give a boost to your low immunity, don’t forget the power of elderberry. Elderberry is ranked by the medical experts among the top foods for treating diseases related to the respiratory tract such as the infection of upper respiratory tract. What makes elderberry so useful is the presence of flavonoids in it. These flavonoids possess high anti-oxidant properties making elderberry to treat the infection as well as to stop its recurring attacks. You can use it for some time to relieve the swelling observed in the mucous membrane. Elderberry is not only an anti-viral agent, but it also has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

7)    Vitamin D

Have you ever bothered to check your vitamin D levels? Do you know that a majority of the American population suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D in their bodies? This shortcoming makes them more vulnerable to difference chronic diseases that include infections occupying the upper portion of the respiratory tract.

This is why it is important for you to normalize your body vitamin D levels, especially during winter season. You can start by taking supplements or regulating your diet to eat foods with high concentration of vitamin D in it. 2,000 and 10,000 international units of vitamin D3 are what you normally require to make yourself safe from respiratory tract infections. If you want to add a little fun while you treat your disease, a tanning wall or a tanning bed can do the job pretty well.

8)    Oregano

Oregano is a herb which possesses anti-viral and antibiotic properties. Hence, you can use it to treat the infections of your upper respiratory tract whether the causative organism is a virus or bacteria. For obtaining instant relief, mix a few drops of oregano oil in water and use the solution for gargling. You can also drink it to kill a cold or flu within a time span of 24 hours. If you are habitual of taking supplements, oregano is available in the form of capsules.


9)    Carrot

Carrot is an antiseptic agent which can cure all types of respiratory ailments. Using it can expel the excessive amount of mucus from the chest as well as the entire length of the respiratory system to treat the infection. You can extract fresh juice from carrots and drink it after adding honey in it. Alternatively, you can make your life simple by directly eating a carrot.


10)    Clove

Clove is a spice that tends to raise the heat present in your stomach due to its pungent and warming effect. If you start consuming cloves, it will provide stimulation to your blood circulation in addition to improving the working of the liver. It has antiseptic effects and fights off upper respiratory tract infections by clearing the phlegm.



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