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Remedies For Post Nasal Drip


Do you sometimes wake up with a sore, blocked and aching throat with a thick cough. Is clearing your throat is the first thing you do in the morning? Or you just feel a severe itch or choked feeling constantly. If you experience all these things daily, then you are suffering from post nasal drip.

Post nasal drip (PND) is not a disease itself. You must know that all you are having is a body reaction and not a disease so don’t panic. It is just an irritating feeling which may leave you feeling bad about your boy, or it may ruin an important day of your life in worst cases.  This condition has no set targets, gender-wise. It can even affect the children.

What Is post-Nasal Drip?

There is gland present in nose, throat, air pipe. All these glands continuously produce mucus which is a thick substance necessarily required by the body to keep the lining intact. It makes all the coatings, membranes moist and prevents them from drying out. This clearing out is reasonable and very helpful for the body in a way.  It helps to clean all the microbes from the body which are stuck in it. All these bacteria are opportunistic and often take advantage when they get a chance.

When mucus is producing, it is so minor in a quantity that you barely feel it. It is swallowed by your body without even alarming you. Once you are in certain conditions, mucus is produced in excessive amounts because it senses it as an emergency reaction of the body. Once produced in bulk, it starts oozing out from the nose, which is termed as Post Nasal Drip.

What Would You Feel?

In a condition of post nasal drip, you will feel having a sore throat, irritation, and itch in the throat, frequent coughing, difficulty in swallowing and sometimes difficulty in breathing too. It can be a result of multiple things, most common of which is an allergy. Common cold, flu, sinus problem are some alternating reasons to initiate this issue.

So once when you are suffering from it, you will try to find the best possible cure for it. There are many medicines which you can take it on your own. Or you can rush to the nearby doctor. But nature has provided all the answers for such problems. You can take help from the following easy home remedies.

Home Remedies For Post Nasal Drip

Gargle For Soothing It

Gargling is a technique which directly reduces the inflammation. Once you are suffering from post nasal drip, all the inner lining of the throat will be swollen. The easiest and immediate help is to gargle with salt in warm water. Salt has healing properties for an infected throat. Warm water helps to reduce inflammation. All you need is to boil water with salt. Let it cool down to an appropriate temperature. Use this water for gargling. Repeat this thrice a day until you feel a difference.

Take Steam

Steam treatments are helpful to sooth the body. A hot shower works like anything, so why don’t to try steam in post nasal drip?. It wouldn’t need many things.  You will only need boiling water and a towel for it. Cover your head and inhale all the steam. If you don’t like the plain bland steam fumes, you can also add your favorite essential oils into it. Steam will make them more enhanced, and you will enjoy taking the steam.

Nasal Sprays

Nasal sprays are specifically designed chemical based sprays which help to reduce inflammation of the mucous linings. It keeps all the microbes and other allergens prone to enter nasal cavity. Which means there would be no stimulant to increase the post nasal drip condition. What you can do is to use an over the counter available nasal spray for allergic relief.


The Garlic Tea

The magical garlic works like anything. As many of you already know that garlic is a natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent. When you combine it with water to make tea, it works best to clear a blocked throat and thick mucus. Boil water like you does for your regular tea. Add 3-4 cloves of freshly chopped garlic in it and let it boil. Add one teaspoon honey into it before sipping. Honey will enhance the flavor by the maximum, and you would enjoy your post nasal drip treatment. You can take it twice a day for as long as the condition lasts.

The Ginger Tea

Like garlic, ginger also has multiple benefits to offer. It is a common kitchen ingredient which is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. If you start taking ginger tea in routine, it will prevent the causes of post nasal drip too. However, if you are in a suffering condition, make ginger tea by simply boiling it in water. Add lemon if you are a sweet tooth. Eating raw ginger also helps to reduce mucus production and make it back to normal.

Cayenne Pepper Tea

Another miraculous spice from nature, the cayenne pepper helps to lessen the condition of post nasal drip. It is an antihistamine and helps best if the PND is due to allergies. You can use the dried powder of cayenne pepper which is commonly available in the market. Boil ice cup water with one and a half teaspoon cayenne pepper. Use this twice or thrice a day it will also help you to get rid of a cough and make you feel better in minutes.

The Good Old Lemon Juice

Lemon doesn’t only help for skin and hair. It also contributes to loosen up thick mucus layers. It has a high amount of vitamin C which improves the blood circulation and immunity. Don’t use concentrated lemon juice. It might be slightly more acidic for your throat. Add one tablespoon lemon juice to one glass of warm water. Like tea, you can also add honey to this mixture before taking it for flavor. Use it empty morning, and it will help you to lose weight too.


With all these remedies, follow these simple habits

  • Keep Your Body Hydrated

Water is paramount for the body. You have to flush out the allergens which cause you a post nasal drip situation. The ideal water intake is 8-12 glasses a day. You can take plain water or water based drinks/ fresh juices. It will make your infection go away in lesser time.

  • Remove The Mucus

The second thing to look forwards is to take all that mucus out. Yes, that is true. You don’t need to pile up mucus stacks inside you. Whenever you feel like a runny nose or blocked throat, run to the bathroom and blow it all out. Not only you will feel relieved, but also it will make your condition better internally.

  • Take Supplements

When your body is under threat, it is better to make all the nutritional definiteness back to normal. Certain supplements such as vitamin C can help to heal your body inside in a better and efficient way.

  • Avoid Spicy and Oily Food

Oil and spices make the condition worst. Avoid extra cold, spicy and fatty food which may make your condition severe again. Also, avoid smoking for some time and let your body heal naturally.

When you combine herbal remedies with these simple habits, you will get relief soon.


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