Prosper Wellness offers a variety of products ranging from CBD extract to CBD Peppermint oil. Cannabis an active ingredient used in Prosper Wellness products has been used by the Chinese for decades. CBD is known as a ‘Sacred Plant’ and this plant has been helping people for at least 4,755 years! Prosper Wellness not only assures your money-back guarantee but also keep their customers satisfied. Yes! This means no hassles, no support tickets, and no complicated phone calls.

What is Prosper Wellness Pain Freezing Cream?

Pain in joints? Back pain is not letting you sleep?  Muscular pains and arthritis don’t let many of us enjoy life to the fullest. People have reported sleepless nights because of knee pain or a sports injury pain that won’t go away.

Prosper wellness cares about your well being and doesn’t want you to live a life of compromise. Researchers at Prosper Wellness have concocted just the perfect solution to all your pain-related issues. Whether it is back pain or a muscular one the Prosper Wellness CBD Pain Freeze Cream has got you covered.

Backed by extensive scientific research the CBD Pain Freeze Cream is an all-natural product that is focused around delivering the best results in the quickest time. At just $39.99 (normally $49.97) this can prove to be the solution to all your muscular and joint pains.

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The Prosper Wellness CBD Pain Freeze Cream contains a unique formula. It freezes your pain so you can live your life to the fullest. Pure CBD oil infused with leading pain-relieving agents, this formula provides immediate relief from your pain symptoms. The formula is focused around the CBD oil hence it makes sure your pains go away without the use of any harmful drugs.

As per Prosper Wellness, they make sure that their products provide the healthcare and comfort that the name promises. All of their products including the CBD Pain Freeze Cream, go through intricate and careful processes that ensure that the product is not only safe but provides prompt and soothing response.

The Pain Freeze Cream is proven to soothe sore muscles and can have an immediate effect on inflammation. It can help with sore muscle pains, arthritis pains, backaches, cramps, sports injury, etc.

What is Prosper Wellness CBD Extract and Oil?

Prosper Wellness CBD extracts are little but effective supplements that nourish the body with various health benefits. The supplement and peppermint flavor oil contain all-natural ingredients that are safe and sound. These supplements contain hemp oil which is grown on an organic line in the US.


The extraction process of these supplements can promise you that no THC has been added. THC is the major reason why cannabidiol is gaining a bad reputation these days.

The myth about the cannabis that it makes you high giving you a psychoactive effect has been totally rejected by recent research highlights. 50 states of the USA have declared CBD as a safe ingredient. Supplement Facts for CBD pills and tincture drops are mentioned below and above respectively.

Cannabis contains heaps and heaps of benefits which include improved heart health, reduced joint pain, as well as reduced anxiety. These do not only bring benefits to the person mentally but also physically and emotionally. Since these supplements are rich in CBD, they have the potential to deliver the same benefits to you. These are light drops which can easily make space in your life.

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The Company behind this Product

The company which is delivering these health packs is Prosper Wellness. Prosper Wellness is a small company situated in Colorado. The company’s backbone is one of these three minds: Chaz Shively, Kriss Berg, and Jay O’Hare. These three were keen to study more about the ingredient cannabidiol.

The trio worked all day and night and researched on this controversial ingredient. After 10 years of their research, the company was able to achieve heights of success with this well researched, legal, natural and safe supplement. Therefore, this supplement comes from an authentic manufacturer. These supplements are truly a blessing for the Coloradans.

How does Formula work?

Prosper Wellness CBD works naturally; it works as an anti-inflammatory supplement that provides health benefits like betterment in heart diseases, arthritis, and joint pain and so on. It has also been found effective in improving other health conditions too. Cannabidiol present in it fights inflammation, in doing so it lessens the severity of chronic aches. As this formula tends to reduce inflammation it is also able to reduce swelling and pain in joints.

This formula can help you with managing your sleep patterns as well; wakefulness can cause several health issues. These include cognitive decline, weight gain, and diabetes. This supplement helps in providing better rest.

Apart from this, the formula helps to reduce anxiety and depression, improves mood and provides overall health benefits as well. Therefore, this formula can help in improving physical, mental and emotional health.

Who are in Need of these Supplements?

These supplements are for all those people who are going through a very poor health phase of their life. These supplements are specifically designed for people who are suffering from anxiety, sleeplessness, anxiety, chronic body aches, and depression. This formula can also work for inflammation too.

Recent reports have shown a sudden rise in these health problems. Such a drastic rise in these health conditions can be a reason for many factors including poor lifestyle, food contamination, and increasing population. These supplements might work and show magic to the people who are going through these severe health conditions.


What are the Dosage Instructions?

Some people might claim that these supplements are nothing but a waste of money! This is just because they are not following the correct dosage instructed by the industry. The dosage instructions are directed by an expert nutritionist and researcher. Many people fail to avail of the benefits of CBD oil even after trying a lot. There is nothing to worry about as it is all about dosage. Prosper Wellness CBD oil works best in load dosage. Every user is recommended to switch to a daily maintained dosage as soon as the person is over with its first supply.

The dosage of these supplements will be counted only if it would be higher than 10mg in quantity. It can be included as a part of your meal in recipes, daily cooked meals or citric green juices.

What are the Benefits of Prosper Wellness Supplements?

The prosper Wellness products have so far been successful in reducing extreme nerve pain, back pain, joint pain and many pains which were said to be nothing but difficult to treat. Recently the USA and many other countries are going through a catastrophic sleep-loss epidemic due to hyper-connected lifestyles. These supplements can save you and restore the restful and refreshing sleep you used to have in youth.

As per the recent research, the main cause of our many health issues is inflammation. One of the most interesting things about these supplements is that it has the potential to fight back the inflammation better than other remedies that are being practiced from the last 20 years.

Additional Details about the Product

It is one of the mandatory things that before buying a product one has to look at all sides of it. Here are some important things you should know before buying the product:

  • These supplements are counted as safe, legal, and natural.
  • Its production has been observed by the FDA.
  • It has a high-quality formula.
  • The supplements are gluten and GMO-free.
  • The company promises the product with a money-back guarantee.
  • No hormones, fillers, additives, and pesticides are included in the product

Another positive side of these supplements is that it can be taken with other medications without having any side effects. However, it will be an ideal approach if you consult your physician before doing this.


In a nutshell, Prosper Wellness CBD is all in one formula. This CBD does not have any harmful side effects. It is counted as a safe and legal supplement that promises its customers complete health benefits or assures you a money-back guarantee. Hence, without any hassle or confusion, the person can return the supplement if he is not satisfied with it.




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