Nerve Shield Plus Review – A New Formula for Neuropathy

Having tetanic cramps? Are you not able to sleep? Neuropathy undoubtedly has become very common in people, especially diabetics. The prevalence has increased to 60 to 70% in diabetics and 40% in chemo patients. Nerve Shield Plus can help people overcome their neuropathic pain within no time. Packed with only natural ingredients, it targets the damaged and stressed nerves. Have a look at the Nerve Shield Plus review below.

About Nerve Shield Plus

Nerve Shield Plus was formulated by Thomas Carswell when he found his mother dying due to chronic neuropathic pain. Each and every medication failed for his mother. Many of us are unaware that the burning sensation in heels does not need traditional medicines but effective formula. This effective formula lies in Nerve Shield Plus capsules.

Nerve Shield Plus is not an ordinary neuropathic supplement; it works effectively by paying only a small amount of money. The capsules work by targeting and repairing the damaged network of brain fibers. Nerve Shield Plus provides the body with essential antioxidants needed for fighting inflammation.

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Take two capsules of Nerve Shield Plus with water or meal. To gain better results, do not try to exceed the recommended dosage.

What Makes Nerve Shield Plus a Safe Supplement?

All the ingredients used in Nerve Shield Plus are natural and are imported from Malaysia. There are absolutely no side effects as there is no use of chemicals and fillers in the formula. The main active ingredients are:

Acetyl L-Carnitine
Acetyl L-Carnitine is an ingredient used in the formula especially for protecting the body from free radicals. It maintains a healthy central nervous system by triggering the secretion of several hormones. A stronger network of brain fibers is maintained.

Vitamin B and its derivatives play an important role in supporting and keeping a firm structure of the myelin sheath. This ingredient is important in the sense that it prevents nerves from undergoing any further damage.

Turmeric and Chinese Skullcap
Both of these ingredients are used by people for their ability to prevent and reduce inflammation. They help in quicker cell rejuvenation.

Alpha-lipoic acid
Alpha-lipoic acid works best for boosting the working mechanism of neurons. This ingredient covers up the damage quickly and promotes the healthy working of internal organs.

Hung Bai and Cang Zu
They both perform a function similar to turmeric and Chinese skullcap. These ingredients also help in jaundice recovery. Along with controlling inflammation, they also increase blood circulation in the body.

Phosphatidyl Choline
Myelin sheath is made up of Phosphatidyl Choline and many other ingredients. Therefore, including this ingredient in the formula, helps to keep a healthy structure of the myelin sheath.


The purchaser also gets a bonus with his purchase to keep a healthy blood sugar level. THE ULTIMATE BLOOD SUGAR BLUEPRINT worth $49 in the market. The seven secret ingredients in the guide give the right direction to keep your body healthy along with alleviating neuropathic pain.

Why does Nerve Shield Plus Hold a Special Position in the Market?

Nerve Shield Plus is a potent solution for neuropathic pain. There are a number of benefits of using Nerve Shield Plus. Some of them are highlighted below.

  • The formula gives relief from chronic nerve pain.
  • Your muscles will soon get relaxed as the ingredients overcome muscle stiffness.
  • It maintains the healthy structure of the myelin sheath.
  • The formula is gluten-free.
  • You would no longer feel stinging pain.
  • It reduces and prevents inflammation.
  • The capsules can be taken anytime and anywhere.
  • The ingredients promote a healthy network of fibers.
  • You will be then able to sit and stand for long hours.
  • The body is protected from free radical damage.

Who cannot use Nerve Shield Plus?

Nerve Shield Plus cannot be used by people under 18. Also, pregnant and lactating women should stay away from it. If you have any serious medical condition, it is better to consult your primary doctor before buying it.

Additional Details of Nerve Shield Plus

Here are some additional details you need to know.

  • It is sugar-free, corn-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, yeast-free, and vegetarian.
  • A bonus to further make your pain-relieving journey easy
  • Only natural and herbal ingredients are used in the formula.
  • The formula is a result of a number of studies and researches.
  • Nerve Shield Plus is safe to use; does not contain chemicals or preservatives.

Where can you Buy Nerve Shield Plus?

You can get your bottle of Nerve Shield Plus from its official site. It is not available at any local store. The site recommends avoiding buying the product from third party sites as they would not be responsible if one makes a purchase on any site and the product gets to be fake.

Discounts and Deals on Nerve Shield Plus

Thomas Carswell is currently offering a great discount on Nerve Shield Plus. It is an affordable yet effective product. You can choose one of the three active packages discussed below.

Basic Package
The basic package offers one bottle of Nerve Shield Plus for $69.

Premium Package
This is the most chosen package by the customers. The purchaser gets 65% off on buying six bottles and paying only $49 for each.

Best Value Package
The best value package gives three bottles at $59 for each.

What does Thomas Carswell Refund Policy Say?

According to the policy of Nerve Shield Plus laid by Thomas Carswell, every purchaser will get 180 days to test the product. It is only applicable to first purchasing. In case of dissatisfaction, the person can return the product without any hassle or confusion and get a full refund. They do not even ask for bottles as prove. However, the record of every purchase is made to avoid fraud.

How long does the Delivery Take?

If the order is placed between 6 am and 3 pm on weekdays, the shipping takes approximately two to three days. After the shipment procedure, the company will send you a tracking number to locate your order easily whenever you want. You would not be charged ($12.99) for shipping and handling.

Contact Details

If you wish to return the product, contact Nerve Shield Plus at support@nerveshieldplus.com. The working hours are from Monday to Friday (9 am to 5 pm) and weekend (9 am to 1 pm). For quick contact, call them at +855-505-2218, as they take up to 24 hours to reply to an email. Any inconvenience will be entertained with respect.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Nerve Shield Plus up till now is the only reliable method to overcome the neuropathic issues safely. Since neuropathic pain can cause distress and a lot of pain, many people believe that it is better to use medications than to try supplements. However, little did they know, supplements may bring faster results and are side effect free.

If you are looking for a reliable neuropathic supplement, get your hands on Nerve Shield Plus. As per the customer reviews, it brings much better results than the high-end neuropathic medications.

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