Are you still waiting for the determination and will power that could give you the strength to quit smoking? Do you promise yourself on every New Year eve that it would be the last cigarette but can’t keep yourself away for more than a week or so? Well that’s very usual. For those smoking for years it is indeed a difficult task to shun it immediately. Like it took you years to become a nicotine addict it will certainly take a lot of time for you to overcome this addiction, and finally experience the effects to wear off.

What Attracts People to Smoking Cigarettes?

  • Smoking has become a symbol of status and often attributed to success and coolness. This is one of the reasons why people often develop the habit of smoking.
  • Another cause of smoking is the peer pressure that individuals often experience from their social circles.
  • A lot of young people smoke cigarettes to handle stress and anxiety
  • Media is another reason why people become nicotine smokers

Harmful Effects of Smoking on Health

  • Smoking badly affects the respiratory system; it irritates the lungs and the trachea
  • One of the major causes of respiratory health issues including asthma
  • Leads to high blood pressure
  • Weakens one’s immunity
  • Causes low sperm count in men, early menopause in women, and other reproductive disorders
  • Stimulates premature aging
  • It is extremely injurious to the health of non-smokers, and it pollutes the environment

There are a lot of products that promise to help you quit your smoking addiction but did you know that those are also nicotine replacement methods. For instance the nicotine gum, yes it does protect your lungs from the smoke you suck in from the cigarettes but ultimately it doesn’t bring your nicotine dependency to an end. It is very likely that those using nicotine gums will go back to smoking very soon and without any hesitation. Same is the case with those nicotine sprays etc.

This article talks about natural ways and remedies that can help you get rid of smoking in a safe and effective manner, before you go out to try chemical products to quit this habit. Let’s take a look at these natural alternatives to smoking.

  1. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort is an effective remedy when it comes to getting rid of smoking. The herb contains compounds that naturally suppress the urge to smoke. As a result you don’t crave cigarettes and naturally stay away from it. According to scientific studies taking 450mg of St. John’s Wort delivers excellent results when one is trying to overcome nicotine dependence and smoking.

Other studies suggest that taking 450mg of this herb in twice a day can help you alleviate smoking habit in as little as one week.

  1. Ginseng

Ginseng is an energy booster and it can help people a lot who are seeking a way out to get rid of smoking. Why people smoke cigarettes is because the nicotine they contain stimulates the production of dopamine that gives the feelings of pleasure and calmness. Moreover, nicotine also boosts some sort of mental energy that makes smokers alert and active. But as soon as the effects of nicotine begin to wear off the smokers feel restless and they tend to crave smoking. Ginseng not only helps smokers stay alert and active by boosting energy but it also suppresses the release of dopamine that smokers usually associate with smoking cigarettes. As a result the urge to smoke is suppressed and you can easily quit smoking. You can consume it by adding a teaspoon of ginseng powder to your breakfast.

  1. Hyssop

This herb has been found extremely helpful for those trying to alleviate nicotine addiction. Withdrawing from smoking is not as easy as it may seem because as the effects of nicotine in your system begin to fade away you experience a lot of discomfort and unpleasant feelings such as anxiety, drowsiness and hysteria. To overcome these withdrawal symptoms you can use Hyssop in its dried form or get its tincture from a herbal shop. You will not only stay away from cigarettes but you will also notice improvements in your lungs’ condition. You will be able to breathe properly and the congestion in the lungs will also get cleared in a matter of days.

  1. Cayenne Pepper

This hot spice is prized for its therapeutic effects in desensitizing the respiratory system from addictions such as the nicotine, tobacco etc. If you mix a few pinches of cayenne pepper in a glass of water and drink this once a day you will be able to lessen your craving for cigarettes effectively.

  1. Eat Oats

This may sound strange but it is an old and effective remedy to help smokers gets rid of nicotine and tobacco addiction. Oats helps to flush out the harmful toxins from the body while lowering the craving for smoking. Oats have also been found effective in reducing the nicotine withdrawal systems. All you need to do is mix a tablespoon of ground oats to 2 cups of water. Let it soak overnight and the next morning bring this mixture to a boil for about 10 minutes. Drink this concoction every time after meals.

  1. Grape Juice

It is recommended for the aspirants struggling to quit smoking to drink Grape juice every day. The acidic content of the grape juice flushes the nicotine from your system and helps you to stay away from cigarettes and smoking.

  1. Valerian

Another useful herb that can help you in your efforts to quit smoking is the Valerian. It is very effective in reducing the withdrawal effects of nicotine that would otherwise cause the individuals to crave smoking.

  1. Licorice Stick

Since you will no longer have a pack of cigarettes with you, what you can really do to overcome stress and anxiety, related to the nicotine withdrawal effects, is keep a licorice stick with yourself and whenever you feel the urge to smoke chew the stick instead. It is a very good and healthy alternative to cigarettes.

Wish you luck with your efforts to quit smoking and hope you start a healthy and smoke free life soon!!!


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