Sinus is by far one of the most annoying infection for anyone. If by chance a microbial infection has hit you, your sinus will give you a tough time. There could be nothing worst then a blocked sinus, making your comfortable life terrible. The pain and pressure on the sinus sometimes become so intense that you need medicine to heal it. When your sinus is creating a problem for you, the best approach is to go to a doctor and get it checked before it turns an issue for you. But the thing is, sinus infection is not a real disease. It is just an expression of sensitivity by the body. So you have to treat it accordingly.

If your sinus pain is due to allergies, you can heal it yourself. Yes, that’s true. You can make your sinus perfect again at home, all by yourself. You don’t even need medicines for it. There are certain home based remedies which include simple products of home. They can help to decrease the number of problems which are due to common cold, allergies or sinusitis.

Why Does Sinus Pain?

So when anyone says, my sinus is blocked, and it’s painful, what exactly does that mean? It needs a proper explanation. Sinuses are empty packets like spaces which are located within bones, surrounding the nose and forehead. The mucus, slimy gel of nose is produced inside sinuses. It later drains through the nose. So when an allergen enters the body and the body considers it as an alien object, it initiates sensitivity. First of all your nose gets swelled and you feel blockage of it. When the nose is blocked, slowly it makes whole nasal cavity and sinuses blocked too. The blocked sinuses feel like a pressure on the forehead and may cause pain.  It is not a simple thing. The infection may start in minutes and go on its own. In severe conditions, it may last up to four weeks.

All you can do to help yourself is to take medicines. Since medications are risky and they might be dangerous for you, it’s better you use safe alternatives. These safe alternatives are simple remedies which are here to help you. Some of these remedies are enlisted below.

Drain The Mucus

Before trying any treatment or any medicine, always remember that you have to make the passage clear. Even if you want to take medicine, it would be difficult to work when your nasal cavity is swollen and filled with mucus. So, don’t get stuck with it, instead of drain it all out. When you forcefully drain it, all the microbes which are stuck to the inner nasal passage will be excreted out as well. This is the first line of defense of our body which works the best. You can also use a saline solution or through neti pot which will help you to retain the hydration, preventing the swelling of sinuses.

Take Help From Food

There are certain foods which help to make your condition better. Such as bromelain which is a protein by nature. It is exceptionally helpful to reduce the inflammation inside the body. It works equally well for the nasal passage. But if you are on any medication already, don’t use it. You need to ask your doctor before taking it on your own .once your doctor approves, you can take bromelain supplements. Another thing is vitamin C which helps to ease the condition. Either you can take citrus fruits or vitamin C supplements. Both work well for sinus infections.

Take Steam Bath

Steam is a wonderful remedy for many problems. It helps to moisturize the sinuses naturally which reduces swelling and provide relief. Either you can boil water and take steam like you do for regular facials and other things. Or, you can take a hot steam bath. It will open up clogged sinuses, provide relief in flu and also it will sooth your body. You will feel lighter afterward.

Hydration Is The Key

Drinking sufficient water per day is healthy. But for nasal problems, water works like magic. In the case of cold, flu, nasal infections or sinus problem, most of the moisture of mucous lining is dissolved. Hence body is depriving of water. In this condition, if you increase your water intake, it will significantly help. A recommended water quantity is 8-12 glass per day. You should at least complete this and may take more if required.

Clean Your House

Allergies are not auto-triggered. There must be a stimulant called allergen to induce them. Even if you think your house is clean, think again, there might be allergens in abundance at your house. These allergens could be dust, particles, animal dander, grass, spices or just anything. Of course, you can’t make your house allergen free by 100%. But all we suggest to you is to clean your thick fabric furniture, curtains, carpets and rugs frequently. You can also install an air filter system which will ensure fresh air with fewer allergens in it. If you have pets in the house, make sure they don’t get into your bed, or else you will have an allergic reaction in no time.

Add A Humidifier At Your Home

A humidifier is a device which retains the natural moisture of the air. When it is perfectly balanced, there are fewer chances to have allergens in it. The result is a clean air which will not make you sick. The thing is that you only need humidifiers in extreme dry days, or at a place which has a dry climate.

Eat Spicy Food

Spices are naturally enriched with ingredients which will open your blocked nostrils. You might have noticed that eating spicy food often makes you sob and nasal drip. It is due to the consistency of ingredients inside it. You can use this benefit for sinus infection too. Just eat mustard, hot pepper, curry, green chili or wasabi to make your mucus drain out. It will leave you fresh by the end.

Try Herbal Teas

Nature has helped humans in the best possible way. There are solutions for almost all problems around us; we just need to explore them. Herbs are naturally enriched with active phytochemicals which help the body in many ways. Certain herbs have refreshing powers which can even make your blocked nose open. Lemon, ginger, garlic, turmeric, cayenne pepper, and green tea are some of the examples of herbal teas which will help in your condition. Try to switch your regular black tea with these herbal teas and see the magic yourself.

Cod Oil Supplements

Fermented Cod liver oil has high amounts of vitamins A, D and Omega 3 fatty acids in it. All these ingredients are healthy which make your skin, mood and hormones balanced. You can easily purchase these supplements from the market and use them in routine. A regular usage will prevent all types of allergies and sinus infection for future.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a common kitchen ingredient. You might not know, but it can help to make your sinus infection better in short time. Just take one to two tablespoon apple cider vinegar in raw form and add it to water and make tea. You can either make hot tea or take it as it is. You can also add honey or sugar to make the taste better. Once you take this mixture, the pain, congestion, and drainage will go on its own, and you will feel better.

Keep A Backup

If your sinus infection is taking too long. For example, it’s been more than a week, and it’s not healing. You need to see a doctor. If you already know or are experienced with this infection. Take your regular antibiotics at home with you. If it is new to you, go and seek help from a professional doctor as soon as possible.


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