Feet are the most important part of the body. Wherever you go, it’s your feet which drag whole your body weight. every step you take, be it physical or psychological is supported by your feet. On a serious note, swollen feet are an uncomfortable condition. It is not an issue itself but it can indicate a serious health condition. Many factors can induce it such as hot and humid climate, pregnancy, obesity, over weight and hormonal problems.

When the feet are swollen, the pressure is centralized to the heel and ankle area. You might feel difficulty in walking, running , climbing or simply for sitting too.

Luckily, you can avoid to get swollen feet easily at home. Remember it is not a symbol of a severe medical problem. You can totally overcome it and enjoy the world as before. Here are 10 best ways by which you can ease the inflammation.

  1. Home Spa With Epsom Salt

Epsom salt works like a magic. Swelling of feet can be due to anything but it’s a true discomfort. The best and most easy way to treat swollen feet all by yourself. It involves a feet soak or home spa with Epsom salt. You can either add 2-3 spoons of salt in a warm water bucked and soak feet in it for 30-45 minutes. Or you can take bath in Epsom salt. Epsom not only reduces the inflammation but also works as an antimicrobial agent. It removes the bacteria and other microbes from skin and prevents the external and internal inflammation both. It smells good and hydrates the skin.

  1. Treat Your Self With A Soothing Massage

Foot massage is the best remedy for swollen joints and feet. Usually when you have along hectic day which involves standing for long hours, it initiates the swelling. The blood flow is the chief element to contribute in it. To regulate the blood flow, massaging is the best practice. A regular and effective hand massage can make the blood flow  better which eventually helps to reduce swelling. You can either do it with hand or use a massager. There are many foot massagers commercially available in market. You can use any according to your personal choice. For even better results, use any oil for massaging.

  1. Regularly Practice Yoga

Yoga is not just an exercise for mental relaxation. It improves your health too. You would be surprised to know that it modifies and controls the blood pressure. Which means Yoga can help to reduce inflammation from internal side. There are many postures which involve blood circulation to control toll toe and ankles. These postures can be learned from a professional trainer and can be later on performed at home daily. Yoga can ever heal edea which is an acual medical condition. A daily routine of Yoga will solve many health problems of your life including swollen feet.

  1. Increase Your Physical Activity

If you have an office job which requires you to sit in office for long hours, you might experience swelling of feet frequently. Sometimes the routine is so badly upset that you see your swollen feet everyday and just think of what to do with it. obviously you cannot quit your job for this reason. the simple solution to this situation is to add physical activity in your routine. If your job asks you to sit for long. Try to take short break, every couple of hours. get up , walk around, do some squats, jump and you can even grove on a beat for a couple of minutes. It will not only improve your mood but also maintain the healthy circulation of the blood which is primary factor behind internal swelling.

  1. Take Magnesium Supplements

If you experience a constant swelling in ankles and feet you can use magnesium supplements. Magnesium supplement can relieve swelling and pain in feet. Usually reduced levels of magnesium in your body can contribute to internal swelling. This could be of any body part. Joints and feet are two most frequent areas. However, you must consult your doctor before taking any supplements. Especially when you are already using any medication. It is advised not to mix supplements with any medicines. Taking useless supplements can induce a higher risk of complications.

  1. Do Swimming

Swimming is an extremely beneficial exercise. It involves the movement of whole body including feet. The continuous movement of feet helps to reduce inflammation of feet. when the legs, thighs, ankles, feet move in a continuous manner as that of swimming, it improves the blood circulation. It’s better to join a gym with pool or the community pool for it. Regular swimming well help you to maintain weight, body figure and the internal inflammation.

  1. Drink Enough Water

Keeping yourself hydrated is important for the body. If you don’t drink enough water daily, you may experience many health problems including internal inflammation. Water is life, it is required by all the body cells. When body is short on water, it retains the water inside cells. It makes the feet inflammated. Only drinking sufficient water daily can reduce this inflammation n to one third level. 8-12 glasses per day are recommended to maintain internal hydration.

8.      Reduce Sodium And Caffeine Intake

Salt and caffeine are two stimulating dietary ingredients. Both of them cause fluid retention to sustain which disturbs the natural balance of fluids inside body. You can use other alternatives of both such as sea weed, sea salt, tea or green tea. It will reduce your sodium and caffeine intake to a lower level. Your feet will be no more swelled with this simple diet hack.


9.      Lecithin Seeds

Lecithin seeds is a term which is used for fatty substances with high health value. These fatty substances are naturally occurring in a number of plant products and animal fats. For long term chronic feet swelling, lecithin seeds are ideal to use. You can use 3-4 table spoon of them daily. It will only show effect if used for over 3 months at least.

10.  Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has numerous health benefits. It naturally has a high potassium content in it which is important to reduce the fluid retention inside the body. It is an alternative of taking the magnesium supplements. You can use a drink of 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar in 1 glass of warm water with added honey as sweetener. This drink can be used twice a day for 1-2 months regularly. Using it regularly will avoid inflammation of feet.


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