Pimples are not only uncomfortable but also annoying. You might feel embarrassed to go out with those tiny bumps. There are certain creams which can heal to get rid of them. Many over the counter ointments and thousands of herbal remedies. But the worst thing is the pimple mark. Yes, after all that hustle, when you finally think that the problem is over you realize that it’s not. When you look into the mirror and see those red marks which appear darker if you have a light skin tone. They look so bad. You can’t even cover them with makeup for long. Yes, they can be hidden but for a short time only. In any case, if you have a beach party to attend or a summer venture, forget about hiding them. So what? Would you sit home and not enjoy the party with your friends? That is not the solution. So what can you do about it? If you think there is nothing you can help, you are wrong. There is a particular time to save natural remedies which you can perform at home. They are straightforward and safe. Even the ingredients are so common that you don’t need to go out and find these things. Almost all these ingredients are a part of your kitchen. So what are you waiting for? Get up, grab your kitchen goodies and let these things work for you. Here is a list of simple home based products which can help you to fade away the pimple marks.

Apply aloe vera on it

Aloe vera is a common plant which many people grow at home. Even if you don’t have a huge garden, try to grow your aloe vera plant in a pot on your balcony. It grows just anywhere. The plant is not much demanding, but the effects it provides to the skin are very promising. Remove all your doubts about aloe vera. The aloe vera gel has all the goodness of nature in it. If you apply aloe vera gel daily, your skin will be flawless in a month. In the case of pimple marks, just apply fresh aloe vera gel to your clean skin, twice a day. Don’t wash it. It is a mild gel which doesn’t itch or look bad. Even if you have some leftover pimples, you can try it on them too. It moisturizes the skin, makes it look lighter tone and fresh.  Even if you don’t have fresh aloe vera with you, try to get aloe vera gel from your nearest departmental store. It is easy to keep, and you can use it for all body parts.

Try Baking Soda

If you are fond of baking, then baking soda is a must have in your kitchen. Not just in cooking, baking soda has numerous other benefits. These white crystals have potential to make your skin clearer and better. You can use it daily by adding a pinch to your face wash or cleanser. It will make your skin flawless with no marks or scars. It is even helpful for getting rid of oldest scars. To use this, mix baking soda in water and make a paste. Apply this paste on your face and massage it with fingers. Once applied leave it for at least 10 minutes. Wash it with water and use a moisturizer.

The Coconut Oil Massage

Coconut oil is healthy to eat and use on the skin. It is one of the most amazing natural healers of the skin. Being a carrier oil, coconut oil moisturizes the skin. It absorbs very well and hydrates the skin at best. Moisturizing the skin activate the natural skin repair mechanism which is helpful to fade the marks away. Take adequate amount of coconut oil on your palm. Let it dissolve and gently rub it to the affected area on the face. If your skin is dry, you can use it twice a day or more. Let it be there for at least one or two hours. It is best to be used before hitting the bed. Wash it in the morning.

The Cucumber Slices

Have you seen cucumber slices placed on eyelids during beauty treatments at salons? Yes, that is because cucumber helps to sooth the skin. It is a refreshing agent which has skin lightening properties. If you have intense pimple marks and your skin is also sensitive. You need a mild solution like cucumber. It has vitamin A, vitamin C, and magnesium, which help to make skin beautiful. Take a fresh cucumber and cut them to slice. Clean your face and dry it. Rub the cucumber slice on the affected area. In fact, you should rub it in the whole face. Use it thrice or four times a day, until you see the marks going away.

The Honey Mask

Honey is another natural moisturizer for the skin. It activates the cell renewal system which makes new cells on broken or damaged areas. If there are marks and scars, it will be helpful for both. Using raw organic honey is better than using bottled, processed honey. Once you get the good quality honey, take one teaspoon honey out and massage it on your face. Work extra carefully on pimple marks. You can also add cinnamon powder to it for the better results. After rubbing, leave it for 15 minutes and wash it with water.  Use this mark once a day.

The Lemon Juice

Lemon is an acidic skin lightener. It is enriched with vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) which is helpful to induce natural cell healing. Using lemon juice is useful to get rid of pimple marks. However, you can’t use it directly on your face. It is acidic so it may affect your skin. You need to dilute it with water before applying to the face. Take fresh lemon juice one tablespoon and add one tablespoon water in it. Dab a clean cotton swab and apply it to your skin. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash. Follow up the treatment by using a moisturizer. Use this on alternate days. Don’t use it daily or more than one times a day. Excessive usage might harm your skin.


Rub Potato Slices

An easy home remedy for making pimple marks light is potatoes. You might have heard about potato juice for reducing dark circles. This work the same way. Potato is a vitamin and mineral rich vegetable. It is healthy for the skin. All its nutrients are in its juice which you can get if you slice it. Take potatoes, slice them. Use these slices to rub against your skin especially the pimple marks. Leave it for 15- 20 minutes and wash your face. Do it daily for at least one week.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the more effective class of oils. The basic purpose of using these oils is same as that of coconut oil. They can add moisture to the skin and enhance new cells production. Essential oils such as lavender oil or rose hip oil are extremely beneficial for the skin. Apply these oils to the skin and massage it gently. The vitamin and mineral rich essential oils will make your pimple marks gone. They will also help you to get a bright complexion and fresh skin.

Scrub It With Sugar

To remove pimple marks you can also follow the scrub method. Scrub can exfoliate the skin so that all the dry, broken, damaged or dead skin cells are removed from the skin. As per natural things, sugar is by far the best scrub for the skin. The granules of sugar make it easier for the skin to shed all the excessive cells. The result is newly generated cells which are glowing, fair and without any mark on them. You can also add lemon to the sugar for scrubbing. Apply some diluted lemon juice on your face and follow by scrubbing with sugar. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash. Don’t forget to use a moisturizer afterward. Repeat it once a day for one week and see a beautifully flawless skin yourself.


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