Beautiful hair is desired by everyone. No person doesn’t want his hair to be thick, long and shiny. Be it any gender; hair symbolizes beauty. The rapidly changing beauty trends make your hair life hard. At one time you love your natural hair shade, after a couple of months, you dye them in beautiful colors. One year it is in fashion to cut hair bangs. The very next year, hair style changes to one length hair. All these fashion modifications are necessary, but you probably don’t know that your hair is damaged at most.  Even if you have naturally beautiful hair by genetics, all these hair trends might leave it less space to let the genetics play. If you want to experiment with your hair, why not make it strong enough to stand all your style choices? Also, if you want to add versatility in your styling, it is critical to making your hair growth faster. But hair only grows at their natural rate, right? That’s what you have heard. Hair does grow at a natural rate, but there are certain ways which can help you to accelerate this rate. Some of these ways are simple life hacks, some are lifestyle or habits changes, and the majority of them are easy home remedies. So what are you waiting for, let’s start our guide towards making your hair grow faster?

Convince yourself of it

Remember, it’s not a matter of one day. It takes time, effort and most importantly patience to get beautifully long hair. An average hair growth is only a quarter of an inch per month. It may reach up to half an inch if you ensure yourself that you are going to make this happen. Motivate yourself that you will put all your effort in it. Always remind yourself that how badly you want long hair.

Chop it off

In childhood, we all have feared scissors. Ironically, scissors are the best friends with hair. You might don’t know, but frequent trimming makes it easier for the hair to grow more. Whenever anything damaging happens to the hair, tips are the foremost thing to affect. If you have a habit of cutting tips frequently, no way damaged hair will every come into your way. All you will have is healthy, long and thick hair.

Avoid frequent washing

Yes, we know that you have a highly engaging social life. For taking part in all those fun activities and parties, your hair must look beautiful. And to make them look nice, you clean them frequently, shampoo them, use conditioners and various other hair products. But do you know that hair are also sensitive to chemicals like skin? If you expose your hair to the chemicals and water a lot, they might never be as beautiful and healthy as you want them to be. So avoid washing them now and then. Take a shower but don’t shampoo your hair every time you stake bath.

Regular hot oil therapy

Hot oil works like wonder for the hair. Hair which reaches to your shoulders is usually a lot older than you think they are. Older they are, more nourishment they need. How would you nourish them if you don’t oil them frequently? Oil and hair masks are like hair foods. Moisturizing the scalp is equally important as moisturizing the skin is. So make a habit of oil massage. Use any oil or a combination of different oils if you like. You can also use the extra nourishing hair mask which is available on the market, but it is better to stick to the old remedy of hair oiling.

Take hair supplements

After multivitamins, the new thing to strike markets is hair supplements. Well, hair supplements are just like natural supplements. They have specific nutrients in them which make your hair strengthened and strong from inside. A balanced diet may not be possible for everyone of you so yes, hair supplements can help to grow hair. Select a good company with genuine supplements. Use the supplement regularly.

Diet And Exercise

There is nothing new to know that diet is helpful to make your hair grow faster. If you have a healthy eating habit, overall health will be improved. Adjust it with equally balanced exercise, and you will see the best version of you, both physically and mentally.

Avoid combing hair when wet

Most of us have a habit of combing they hair right after a shower. Considering this practice a little time saving, not many of us know that it damages the hair. Don’t just mess with your wet and tangled hair. Make them try by using a towel after you wash them. You can also blow dry them or wait for them to be naturally dried. You can then comb them.

Switch to silk pillow covers

Sleeping is a time when hair damage occurs at most. You don’t even know it because you are sleeping. Using cotton or any harsh material’s sheets and lining makes it harder for the hair to tolerate. The hard surface of your pillow cover is not friendly for hair. Ditch them and use silk instead. It will be easier for the hair to cope up. Also, you will feel the luxury of comfortable bedding.

Be gentle with hair towel

Yes, you have read it right. Towels are also made of very harsh fabric. It is too much for the hair to get help from it. A regular usage of the hard towel will make the hair end damaged. They will eventually break, and all you will have is split ends. To avoid this condition, use a softer fabric to dry your hair. You can use your old tee shirt too. Try to find a towel which is made of soft threads. They will be a little expensive but a lot more beneficial than regular towels.

Don’t tie them so tight

If you are fond of hair styling, you must know what importance hair pins, clips and ponytails have. When to become too hard with these hair accessories, the hair come under unnecessary pressure. If you use less intensity on them, they will grow freely. You will get strong and long hair in less time.

Avoid hot styling tools

Nothing makes hair worse than hot hair styling tools. It includes all type of tools including your rollers, straighter and curler. If you are too fond of styling, try to use the tools which do not involve heat. You can use manual rollers. High temperature ruptures the body of hair. It makes them weak and damaged. With this damaged hair, whatever you do, you will never hair fast growing hair.

Don’t use ammonia based hair dye

Different hair color looks amazing. The color trends of hair change each year. You might like to add colors to your hair every now or then. Changing hair shades is not bad but choosing a quality product is essential. Most of the hair dyes have ammonia in them which damages the hair. Again, damaged hair cannot grow long. If you want your hair to be long in less time, use ammonia free hair colors.

Wash them with cold water

Like hot styling tools, hot water is equally bad for hair. Don’t let your hair suffer the extra hot temperature. Use cold water to wash your hair. If it’s really cold outside and you don’t want to wash hair with cold water, mix hot and cold water to get a moderate temperature. Use this mild water to wash your hair.


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