Gentlemen, do you like a thick heavy beard? Well, if you are reading this post then you obviously like thick beard so don’t worry, it’s a true fact that majority of us are not born with an amazing beard genetics or dynamite density.

Most of us are born with bald spots, thin spots or a thinner face fuzz. Beard stands as a symbol of masculinity, power, leadership and even wisdom.

This is why beards remain as a fashion statement for many, even in the 21st century

Most of us are born with bald spots, thin spots or a thinner face fuzz. Beard stands as a symbol of masculinity, power, leadership and even wisdom.

It’s no hidden fact that every man desires to grow a beard as soon as he hits his teenage years. However, many men find it hard to grow the beard they dream of every night.

Today, in an attempt to alleviate the patchiness that we as normal men suffer from, nine tips have been discovered to have over thick, amazing, lusciousness, aka, fuller facial hair.

None of these tips are used Propecia and there’s a lot of stuff out there that dudes actually using Propecia to help stimulate hair growth on their face, which is actually designed to grow hair for the head.

If you want to do that, go for that, stop reading this blog right now. But those, who believe in natural remedies, start reading now!

  1. Start exercising:

There is a direct correlation between losing body fats, lifting weights, and pumping up adrenaline in your veins to increasing the testosterone levels in the blood.

It also increases blood flow and circulation helping your chin to get more nutrition, things and all other important stuff that’s needed in order to grow a thick, healthy, luscious beard.

In other words, the beard is happening with circulation.

Reduce your stress level:

When we get all stressed out, and nuts, our cortisol level actually increases in our body which in turns decreases the testosterone level in the body.

So you want to grow a thick or better beard? Read, meditate, relax, take it easy or yoga.

Put your beard on a diet:

Put the beard on a diet does not mean starving or not giving it any nutrition at all, the main purpose is to feed it with all those beard growing nutrients that it needs, like fats and proteins.

That gets a bad rap, but this is so critical to every component and cell in your body, including testosterone. When you eat a diet that is super low in fat, you are actually decreasing the amount of testosterone that your body is producing.

Don’t believe it? Go research it yourself. Increase the amount of protein in your diet. The protein found in meat, fish, eggs and nuts will help the hair on your face grow quicker.

  1. Your beard needs vitamins:

There are certain vitamins and minerals that enhance the beard thickness, density, and growth rate. Iron, vitamin E, vitamin B, vitamin D, selenium, copper, magnesium, and zinc are some of the well-renowned minerals that promote beard growth and play a crucial role in beard growth.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency can lead to hair loss even, so don’t even think of skipping this tip. Vitamin supplements can range from high branded hair-growth-specific brands to general multivitamins. So, it’s basically up to you which brand to select.

Biotin is very important for hair growth. It not only helps to grow your hair, but it also assists in growing your nails and skin. The newly formed skin can be very useful for the growth of the bead. Biotin can be found in nuts and raw egg yolks, but it is better to take some supplements from the market.

You can also take 2.5 mg of biotin every day to help your beard grow faster and denser, but be warned that biotin is good as long as you commit to taking it daily.

Don’t shave for four weeks:

Four weeks and let it grow uninterrupted. One of the common issues that most people have is that they shave, trim or cut their beard way back before ever giving it time to maximize its full potential.

You need to give it time. Yes, a beard needs love and time, both. Four weeks is a sort of that point at which you are going to transition from short and stubbly beard to actually something you can manage, maintain and comb.

Exfoliate your skin:

When you exfoliate your skin, you get rid of dead skin and help to prevent a lot of ingrown hair. That makes it easier for hair to grow in the area, plus exfoliating your skin is something you should do anyways and you must include it in your skin care treatment.

So just exfoliate your skin without rubbing it too hard and free all those ingrown hair.

Shampoo and condition regularly. 

Your beard needs proper love and attention o keep it in a tip-top manner. You should always try to shampoo it daily with a gentle shampoo, preferably those which do not contain sulfates and chlorides, to keep the hair clean and remove any lost pieces of food.

Using a good conditioner is a plus as it will help to strengthen the hair and will keep it from looking full and thick.

Use a protective oil.

Protective oils can help protect your beard from harsh chemicals which you might accidently come into contact with- for example, while skiing, or swimming in the chlorine-filled pool.

Apply different kinds of oils like jojoba or grape seed oil, which will protect your beard by making a protective covering and by locking in the moisture. any of these oils also help to protect the natural oil present in the body.

Amla oil is a natural remedy to increase facial hair growth. Massage your skin with amla oil and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Wash your face with cold water and then clean it for a fresh looking modern face.

Stay hydrated. 

Before reading any further, do note that your bear is not a plant. Drinking more water will enhance its growth or density, but keeping yourself hydrated is essential for optimum body functions, which will enhance your overall body health. Water helps to flush out all the toxins that are present in your body which in turns helps to promote god skin and in turn good beard.

Water helps to flush out all the toxins that are present in your body which in turns helps to promote god skin and in turn good beard.


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