Bones are the principle supporting skeleton of the body. They need attention and care to make the physical activity smooth. Many of us may feel a discomfort in sudden movements. You might experience “cracking noise” while working out at the gym, particularly when you put pressure on the lower body. If you are a victim of body pain, cracky noises, and low stamina, you might be a victim of low bone density. It is a nutritional deficiency which has nothing to do with your routine and job. Bones regularly break and make. The self-support system helps to rebuild them slowly which is followed till mid ages i.e. 30 years.

Many factors such as food choices, lifestyle, physical work routine, genetics etc play role for a low or maintained bone density. The strengthening of bones start in your teenagers and proceed till you cross middle age. Sadly, once you cross 30 years age, the natural process of bone formation is stopped. It is the time when you need care and support to make your bones strong and less prone to bone illness such as osteoporosis. It is more common in middle and old age. So if you are crossing or crossed middle age, you are at the high verge of the bone damage.

There is not much which can make your bones grow again. But there are some lifestyle changes, foods and certain behavioral patterns which will help you to get stronger bones. They may work slow but they do work and better than medicines. Here are the 10 remedies which can make your bones strong and your body stronger.

  1. Increase Your Calcium And Vitamin D Intake

Bones are made of calcium. Most of the people believe that calcium is a substance which piles up and forms bones like bricks of a wall. In reality, calcium is a nutrient which is responsible for developing the bones. It is found in many food items. Due to our ignorant food choices, the calcium level is greatly disturbed. Vitamin D is also required for the absorption of vitamin D in the body. And we don’t consume sufficient levels of both. Good sources of vitamin D and Calcium are milk, yogurt, cheese, spinach etc. Add calcium and vitamin D rich food items to your diet for a better bone health.

  1. Keep A Record Of Your Family Medical History

What if you have a significant family history and you are at a higher risk of bone problems but you don’t know it?.  Researches show that family history plays the important role to determine the fate of future kids. People who had ancestors with a health issue are more likely to have the same at some stage of life. For this reason, it is necessary to know the medical background of your family to avoid any unforeseen situation.

  1. Increase Vitamin K In Diet

Vitamin k is more popular with blood circulation and clotting.  It is a healing nutrient. Also, Vitamin K  provides support in bone density. Vitamin K affects the absorption of vitamin D and calcium which makes the whole bone strengthening process better and efficient. Broccoli, spinach etc are rich sources of vitamin K, you must add them in your routine diet.

  1. Alternative Supplements

If you are unable to find the foods rich in vitamin D, Vitamin K, and calcium, take supplements.  The best idea is to find a good quality manufacturer of supplements. These supplements are not medicines, they are just dietary support systems which help to provide the same nutrients to the body.


  1. Maintain A Fitness Level

Exercising is not just important to lose weight. If you start to exercise regularly, it will save you from many related health damages. For osteoporosis, exercise reduces the risk to half.  You are more prone to osteoporosis if you have absolutely no physical mobility in life. So don’t sit idle, rush to your nearest gym and register yourself. You can also start a workout routine at home. Just do some basic moves and lift light weight dumbbells. Not only you will be in a good shape, but also the stamina, health, and fitness will be unmatched.

  1. Watch Out Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is a famous beverage worldwide. In addition to the other damages, alcohol can make the bones weak.  It eventually reduces the calcium absorption in the body and you are more prone to bones disease such as osteoporosis.  Taking a moderate or off and alcohol is not dangerous. The problem only arises when you overdose it. One or two drink a day is normal. Anything exceeding to a recommended dose is harmful.

  1. Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is a natural stimulant which is a popular drink to start a day. In the form of tea and coffee, everyone loves to take caffeine. You will be amazed to know that not all benefits of caffeine are healthy. Too much amount of caffeine will hinder in your bone density. It will interfere with the speed of calcium absorption. Generally, an average amount of caffeine is one cup coffee a day. If you take more than this, probably you need to reduce it to half. Even two cups of black coffee are harmful. If you want your bones to be strong, watch out your coffee, tea, green tea intake.

  1. No More Smoking

Smoking has highly health damages. If you want to grow healthy and strong bones, you must control the cigarettes you smoke. The harmful composition of the cigarette hinders in vitamin D and Calcium absorption. You might be suffering from a bone and joint disorder more quickly than nonsmokers.

  1. Add Dairy products to Your Diet

Dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, tofu etc are naturally rich in calcium and vitamin D. Additional mineral which it contains are magnesium, potassium. Riboflavin, phosphorus and Vitamin B12. Taking at least 2 glasses milk per day is a recommended dose for strong bones. Or you can add any type of cheese i.e. mozzarella, cheddar, cottage etc or yogurt in your routine in any recipe.

  1. Prefer Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Over Processed Food

Taking fresh leafy vegetables such as spinach is a rich source of calcium. You should always prefer to take fresh vegetables, fruits, and beans over processed or frozen items. The nutrient count of processed food is not the same as fresh. If you want to maintain the healthy life, quality food intake is important. Adding fresh food to your diet will reduce the risk of bone-related diseases i.e. arthritis, osteoporosis etc.


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