Stress headaches are the most prevalent types of headaches occurring in people. The exact mechanism of action is not known, but it is believed that they are caused by the continuous twitching of muscles in regions of head and neck.

Wondering what triggers these headaches?

There are a lot of factors responsible for it. You might suffer from it because of skipping meals, sleeping less, engaging in a strenuous activity too often or directly suffering from stress.

Females suffer from these stress headaches more commonly than men which can be categorized into two types- chronic and episodic. While an episodic headache can last for 30 minutes to a few days, chronic stress headaches can be a constant disturbance in your life.

An important question to ask is that how would you know if you are suffering from a stress headache or not? The answer to this question is simple, you will feel pain! The pain will feel as if you have tied a tight band around your head.

It will probably start at the back of your head and take over the whole area of the head. You will feel the pressure rising in the area of your forehead as well as both sides of the head. The muscles of your scalp and shoulders will become tender.

Stress headaches are not only liable to causing you extreme discomfort, they can, in fact, induce depression in your life. If you think you are a victim, do not ignore it as it can negatively affect your relationships and the quality of life.

Scared already? Well, don’t be. There are some natural remedies to prevent these stress headaches. Keep reading the article to know more about them!

Take A Chill Pill

This one is quite simple and obvious. What else can basically trigger a stress headache than stress itself?

So, the first remedy for controlling these headaches is to manage your stress.

Now, you must be wondering how to control the stress levels. There are a lot of things you can do. Taking a hot shower can relax the muscles and calm your nerves. A nice little stroll in your garden can also do the trick.

If you are a fitness freak, use your exercising capacity to get rid of stresses. Read a good book, cook a yummy dish or listen to your favorite band.

In short, just do whatever it is you like to get that stress under control like Mr.Polar Bear!


Massage Your Scalp

Is a stress headache killing you in the head? Massage it out!

Yes, treat your scalp with a nice massage to relieve it from the pain of these stress headaches. It will not only get rid of a headache but will also improve the circulation

Don’t forget to target the occipital area and the temporal region to get instant relief.

Here is an extra tip. Take two tablespoons of coconut oil and add 2 drops of rosemary oil in it. Use this mixture to massage your head area.

Now, sit back and let the remedy work!

If you want to opt for a full body massage, it is equally effective.

Use An Icepack

Stress headaches are caused by contracted muscles. So, what you need to do to make them go away is to relax these muscles, and icepacks are perfect for this purpose.

Vessel expansion is often seen in a stress headache which causes pain. You can reverse this expansion by placing some ice on it.

Remember not to use ice directly as it can result in frostbite. Be wise, and use a plastic bag instead. Place some ice in it and wrap a towel around it to make sure it is not too cold for your head.

Voila, you have now made your personalized cold compress!

Place this compress on your forehead and wait for 2 minutes before removing it.

You can repeat it several times a day to observe great effects.

Get Some Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is magical in treating headaches. Its anti-inflammatory properties can make your stress headache go away like magic.

Plus, it can also manage and control your stress levels.

How can you use it? Add one tablespoon in a glass of water. Make sure that you use raw apple cider vinegar.Add a little tinge of honey it in for a sweeter taste.

Repeat it twice to prevent experiencing these pesky stress headaches.

Plus, it offers anti-inflammatory benefits that provide relief from a throbbing headache. It is also effective at reducing your stress level.

The good news is that this remedy will also balance out your pH and provide a natural detoxification to your body.

How cool is that?

Peppermint Oil All The Way

What can not only calm down your nerves but also reduce high stress levels in your body? Peppermint oil.

The best thing about using peppermint oil for stress headaches is that you just have to apply it topically. No drinking, no mixing, just applying in directly on your head area and massaging it.

What you need to do first is to find a peaceful spot and make yourself comfortable.

Take a few drops of peppermint oil and start massaging your head gently. Cover the areas of temples, back of your neck and forehead.

Don’t forget to take long and deep breaths.

If you are not in a mood of massaging, take some peppermint tea bags and place it on your forehead and eyes for 15 minutes.

Make Your Posture Better

Did you know that your body posture can actually make a difference in relieving a stress headache?

A bad posture can cause muscle tautness and tension, which can often lead to the development of a stress headache.

Making a slight effort for making your body posture better can make a huge difference as far as the management of stress headaches is concerned. A good posture can keep the musclestension low and your body relaxed.

In order to use this remedy for preventing stress headaches, you have to work on your postures while you sit and stand.

While you are standing, pull in your buttocks and abdomen. Hold your shoulders slightly backward and the head level.Your thighs must be parallel as compared to the ground while the face must be straight while you are sitting.

Also, try to walk and lie down in a correct posture and you will start feeling positive effects very soon.




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