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How to Get Rid of Hepatitis B – Natural remedies


Hepatitis B is a chronic and serious viral disease that affects many people around the world; about 350 million people living around the globe are infected by Hepatitis. In the Unites States alone the number of people suffering from this disease is 1.2 million.

Hepatitis is an acute viral disease that infects the liver, attacks its healthy cells and most of the times results in cirrhosis of the liver or cancer. This makes Hepatitis the second most death causing ailment. The big pharmaceutical still claim to have been in the process of research and experimentation to come up with a cure to treat Hepatitis but unfortunately today, even after decades of scientific work, there has been no effective drug or medicine that could remedy this serious health problem. But no need to get hopeless because nature has created certain natural remedies that can help you get rid of Hepatitis B easily and effectively.

Detoxify Liver with Beets

Beets are an amazing natural remedy to alleviate the symptoms of Hepatitis B and even reverse this disease. Beets are packed with vital nutrients and minerals that detoxify liver, as well as provide the body with vital energy. Rich in iron, zinc, folic acid, potassium and copper, and vitamin A and B beets have the potential to promote liver cells healing and repairing, as well as regeneration of new and healthy cells. Beets help liver cells develop a stronger membrane around them which protects them from infiltrations and toxins of the harmful viruses.

All You Need To Do…

Extract the juice of fresh beetroots and drink it twice a day.

Carrots to Kill Hepatitis Virus

Carrots are not only useful remedy to get rid of hepatitis B but they are also very helpful in targeting and killing cancerous cells. Carrots contain vitamin A which is a killer when it comes to viral infestations and cancer; Vitamin A creates hostile environments for the viruses to sustain inside your system and they eventually die. This is why people who consume carrots have better immune systems and they are better able to keep themselves away from infections and diseases.

All You Need To Do…

Consume a glass of fresh carrots juice once a day until your condition improves.

Apple, Beets and Spinach Beverage

People suffering from hepatitis have compromised immunity and their platelet count significantly drops. It is the platelets that fight off harmful toxins, bacteria and viruses that attack our vital organs and affect our health. But when the Hepatitis B virus attacks your system, it targets your body’s immune system and makes it weak. More and more platelets are deployed to fight this viral disease but the turnover of new platelets is very low in return. As a result your body’s defense mechanism becomes weaker and insufficient. The apples, beets and spinach when combined together in the form of a drink provide amazing immunity boosting benefits. The beverage helps patients experience boosted levels of platelets that can fight more efficiently against the Hepatitis B infestation.

All You Need To Do…

In a food factory, take our juice of 3 apples and 1 beetroot. Now in this juice add a small bunch of fresh baby spinach leaves and blend it to form a light smoothie. Add few drops of lemon juice and drink this beverage once a day until you get rid of hepatitis B completely.

Artichoke to Recover from Hepatitis B

Artichoke is a vegetable that belongs to the daisy plant family. This vegetable has potent antioxidant and antiviral properties. Artichokes help in fortifying liver cells as well as promote the production of bile. The plant is useful in protecting liver against damage caused by viral infestations and harmful toxins. Artichokes have been found extremely effective in terminating the hepatitis virus rapidly and successfully.

All You Need To Do…

Steep 2 tablespoons of dried artichoke leaves in one liter of hot boiling water, for 20 minutes. Strain the mixture and consume one cup of this drink thrice a day before meals.

Use Milk Thistle Tincture to Treat Hepatitis B

Milk Thistle has been long used to treat various liver related health problems, in the traditional medicine. Now even the scientific studies have confirmed its positive effects on the health of liver and liver cells. Milk Thistle contains a special compound known as the Silymarin which actually supports and promotes the health of one’s liver. It efficiently flushes out harmful toxins and viruses from the liver which lead to hepatitis, cirrhosis or hepatic cancer.

All You Need To Do…

Consume tincture of Milk Thistle, which can be easily obtained from any local herbal store, for a period of 8 weeks in order to completely get rid of hepatitis B.

Indian Gooseberry Juice

In the great Indian medicine, the Ayurveda, gooseberry juice is used to treat hepatitis B. Gooseberries are rich in anti-oxidant compounds and also possess anti-viral properties. People who have used the Ayurvedic Gooseberry Juice remedy to cure Hepatitis have found it to be extremely useful and effective in producing desired results.

All You Need To Do…

Extract juice of fresh gooseberries and dilute it with water. Now take a glass of this diluted gooseberry juice and add a little honey to it. Consuming this beverage several times a day can be very beneficial to cure hepatitis B.

You can also take a teaspoon of dried gooseberry powder and add to it 2 teaspoons of jaggery and consume thrice a day to alleviate hepatitis.

Garlic to Kill Hepatitis Virus

Garlic contains special amino acids and metabolites that have been found effective in targeting and terminating hepatitis viruses. Therefore, garlic is also an effective natural remedy to get rid of hepatitis B naturally and easily.

All You Need To Do…

Consume minced clove of garlic every day to guard liver against infectious diseases. You can also add garlic to the recipes of your every day meals to reap benefits and cure hepatitis B.


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