Scars, the threat to the physical appearance are disliked by all of us. If we say that we don’t, that is an obvious lie. No one likes them; nobody wants them. They are embarrassing for all of us. The adverse conditions such as an injury or accident may leave their marks on your skin, which become persistent scars with time. You might try all the methods you know to get rid of them, but they never go smoothly.

The reason these scars become part of your skin may not be familiar to all. Do you want to know what causes a scar? The reasons could be as many as possible. Some of the most common reasons are burns, acne, pimples. Insect bites. Chicken pox, surgeries, etc. Once your skin reveals to the environment, it never gets back into the same texture without any external help. The scars are thought to be permanent. Many people would tell you that “it won’t go, stop trying to get rid of it,” or they may say “see I told you this would not go away no matter what you do.” Well, the people are right and wrong too. Right, because scars don’t go away on their own without any help. Wrong, because they can be treated.

You must know the types of scars before you make some arrangement to manage them. Scars can be healed easily if you know what type of scar it is. Different types of scars are as following.

  • Atrophic: The outer layer of skin’s scar such as stretch marks.
  • Keloidal: Large, dark, persistent and stubborn scars which appear on back and chest.
  • Hypertrophic: Raised dark skin marks which show de-framed skin. These are the most common type of scars.

Now you know which type of scar you have and how much severe the condition is. Here is a list of home based remedies to treat most common types of scars i.e. hypertrophic scars. These remedies are helpful for hypertrophic as well as other types too. However, it may take more time for severe type scars.


  1. Lemon Juice- The natural healer

Lemon? Yes, lemon. Lemon is a natural skin lightening agent which improves the texture and quality of the skin. It is rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids which help to improve the skin. Lemon juice helps to heal scars in a natural way.

Here is how you can use it;

Clean the scar area i.e. face with a wipe and dry it. Take lemon juice and dab cotton swab into it. Apply it directly to the affected area. Add water to lemon juice if you have sensitive skin. Let it settle for 15 minutes and wash the skin. You can apply a moisturizer later on.

2. Moisturize it

Yes, moisturizing helps to gain the hydration levels of the skin. If you use any moisturizer on a daily basis, it will maintain the natural balance of the skin, enabling the auto-skin regeneration work for you. For moisturizing, you can use cocoa butter, shea butter or any moisturizer of your choice.


3. Onion Juice

Onion juice surprisingly helps to treat all types of scars. Onions have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also enhances the production of skin protein called collagen, which renews the skin by adding elasticity.

To use onion juice for scars, you need to grate some fresh onions and squeeze their juice. Clean the skin and apply onion juice with the cotton swab. You can remove it after 15 minutes and use moisturizer later on.

4. Honey For Skin

Honey is an old skin lightening and cosmetic aid. It stimulates the skin repair system which grows new cells. That is why honey fades the scars and heal wounds too.

To use honey for scars, you should follow these instructions.

Take honey and baking soda. Mix them well. Use this mixture for the massage on affected area and cover it with the warm towel for 7 minutes. When you feel towel has cool down remove it and wash the face.


5. Wonders Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a common essential oil which reduces the scars from injuries and surgeries. It is rich in bio-chemicals which improve the circulation and make skin heal in a natural manner. To use tea tree oil, mix it with any other carrier oil and apply it directly to the skin. Massage it until it absorbs completely. Do not rinse it.

6. Let Aloe Vera Work For You

Who doesn’t know aloe vera work like a miracle for the skin? The healing and soothing powers of aloe vera are matchless to find anywhere.  Aloe Vera is the naturally rich anti-inflammatory agent which reduces the skin problems. On scars, aloe vera works as skin healer and regenerates new skin layer which is smooth and neat. You can use aloe vera gel on scars multiple times a day. Just don’t rinse it with water and let it work for you.

7. The wonders of Indian GooseBerry

Indian gooseberry is famous for many reasons, one of which is for skin benefits. It is rich in vitamin C which makes the skin repair and glows again. If you use Indian gooseberry on scars, it will form a new skin layer with no visibility of the old scar. For that, you need to make a paste of Indian gooseberry powder in any oil i.e. olive oil, almond oil. Apply it to the affected area twice a day for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it with water.

8. The Medicinal Treatment

You can also use chemicals to treat them. There are many over the counter ointments available which are mild in nature. If you are hesitant to try them on your own, you must consult a dermatologist before purchasing them.

9. Chemical Exfoliants- The beauty clinic guides

Chemicals Exfoliants are the ones who rub and remove the old dead skin. They work like peelers and help to take out the new, marks less skin. They also contribute to getting a fair, even tone and glowing skin. However, this is a cosmetics treatment which may be over expensive for many people. Always trust certified cosmetologist for such types of treatments.

10. Laser Treatment

The last and most extreme solution for Persian scars is a laser. If your scars are very much severe in nature or are very old which are not going on their own. You must consider laser treatment option. Always trust a certified clinic and dermatologist to get laser. It is harmful if not correctly used. So don’t let anyone experiment with your skin and make a right choice for yourself.



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