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How To Get Rid Of Angina?


Angina is a type of chest pain which is common in people. If you ever visit the emergency department of a hospital, you will see many angina attacked patients rushing there. Chest pain is a prevalent condition which has no obvious reason It is just reduced blood supply to the heart which results into angina. The patients narrate their feeling as tightness, squeezing pressure, heaviness and burning sensation. These conditions are standard for all. Some other conditions include central abdominal, back and neck pain, nausea, fatigue, lack of breath and dizziness. These follow-up conditions may or may not be seen in all patients.

Angina is not a disease itself. It is just a condition which our body tells when something is not wrong. As described earlier, chest pain or angina is a condition of shortness of blood towards the heart. There are certain factors which can initiate this pain. Such as excessive smoking, increased sugar, cholesterol, diabetes, poor lifestyle or bad food choices.

Heart attack and angina are not the same things. They are two different conditions. Angina is a mild form of heart attack and heart attack is severe and more lethal. Angina lasts for a few minutes only and heart attack is a prolonged state.

When plaque is accumulated excessively in the arteries, it blocks the transmission of blood. Not all types of chest pains are linked with heart. Sometimes the problem is not with the heart. It can be a muscular spasm, upper respiratory infection, stomach ulcer or a bladder problem.

Chest pain or angina can be helped at home with simple household products. Some of these natural treatments are as following.

Homemade Basil and honey medicine

Basil leaves are of high medicinal value to control blood pressure and sugar. Commonly they are famous as “Tulsi leaves” which is a reliable solution for angina. The famous Ayurvedic medicine uses basil leaves and honey to make a homemade medicine for treating angina. The recipe of this medicine is as following.


How To Make It

Take a handful of basil leaves and clean them. Crush them and make a paste. Use 150ml water and blend it into that mixture by combining 5-7 minutes. You will see a wet mixture. Strain it and let it sit for a while. Take three to four tablespoon of this juice and add one to two tablespoon honey in it. Take this mixture thrice a day. If you don’t like honey, you can use this mixture without honey too.

Fenugreek and honey paste

Fenugreek seeds are another common house ingredient. Who thought they could be used to prevent angina too. The recipe involves fenugreek seeds and honey. This mixture makes its way to help in angina by making the arteries clear. It will also keep a check on cholesterol and control the fat count.

How To Make It

Take one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and add a half cup of boiling water. Cover it with a lid and let it settle for a while. After 10 minutes, remove the lid and strain the mixture. Add two teaspoons of honey into it or more, if you like it to be sweeter. You can take this mixture twice a day. Consuming it will produce same effects as a medicine would but of course with fewer side effects.

The Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is a natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory herb. It is added to many common recipes for taste and aroma. The active ingredient in turmeric is called Curcumin which is extremely helpful to reduce the cholesterol. Once the amount of cholesterol is controlled, the risk of angina is eventually lowered down.

How To Make It

Take one glass milk and warm it. Add ¼  teaspoon ground turmeric powder in it and let it boil. Also, add a tablespoon honey and stir the milk to mix all ingredients well. Sip this milk before it gets cold. Take this special enhanced milk with turmeric once a day to maintain the perfect cholesterol and no risk of angina.

Try Cayenne Pepper Tea

Cayenne pepper is a particular type of pepper which has numerous health benefits. It can provide relief to the patient of angina and other heart-related problems. It also helps for diabetes and maintains the perfect circulation of blood to the heart and from heart, to the whole body.

How To Use It?

Take one cup water and let it boil. Add ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper powder in it. You can use the commercially obtained cayenne pepper powder or the fresh herb both. The anti-inflammatory properties of cayenne will ease the pressure on blood arteries, and as soon as you take it, you will feel the difference make this tea twice a day for best results.

The garlic and Onion Recipe

Garlic is a miraculous herb which has countless things to offer. It’s an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory which helps for all internal problems. Same is the case with onion. So if you combine both, the result is the finest thing to help in clearing blood vessels by reducing inflammation.

How To Use It?

Take two to three cloves or raw garlic in the morning and chew It. it will help for all the internal health problems. Raw onion has similar properties, but it may be difficult to eat raw onion. You can make a mixture of raw onion and garlic both and add this to food recipes for flavor, aroma, and taste. You would never know that you are taking medicine.

Use The Lemon Juice

Lemon is probably the most simple thing which you can use for chest pain, angina, and all other problems. You can take one lemon juice daily, and it will do wonders for your body. It is even supported by the researches that lemon helps to remove plaque from the arteries. It is helpful to reduce cholesterol and fights back to let it accumulate again. Here is how you can take it.

How To Use It?

Take fresh lemons and clean them. Squeeze them in an open bowl and throw the seeds away. Take four teaspoon lemon juice and add two teaspoons, honey. Mix it and take it in two doses daily. It will help you to lose weight, blood pressure control and lowest risk of heart diseases.

Eat Fresh Vegetables

If you are a meat lover than the heart problems are more easy to affect you. Meat i.e. mutton is cholesterol-delicious. Fat and dairy-rich products make your cholesterol high. They also increase blood sugar level and may increase the chance of getting high blood pressure. There must be an alternate way to control this situation. Using fresh vegetables significantly reduce this problem. The result is controlled body functions and no angina risk.

How To Use It?

Avoid excessive use of dairy products and meat. Use good alternates.


A common herb parsley can do wonders for you too. You can either have parsley in dried form which is used in seasoning. Or you can grow parsley in your backyard. Parsley is termed as one of the most meaningful solutions for angina and heart attack.

How To Use It?

Take fresh parsley leaves and clean them. Boil them in water and use it as tea. You can add honey as the sweetener. If you don’t have fresh parsley, use dried parsley for tea and seasoning your favorite recipes.




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