Eyebrows are the most visible feature on a person’s face. Perfectly shaped, thick eyebrows add elegance and grace to personality. Changing the shape and style of eyebrows is the fashion statement which frequently changes with time. After spending two decades of thin, curvy eyebrows, the eyebrow style has taken a never seen before the modification. These days, bold and dark eyebrows are so much in fashion. Every lady’s eyebrow desire is to have dark and voluminous eyebrows. All the women in media, modeling and fashion business now have bold brows which encourage ordinary people to take up this style too.

Not everyone is blessed with thick eyebrows. The original thickness of eyebrow hair is genetic. Some people have naturally trimmed and thin eyebrows which made them on advantage when thin eyebrows were in fashion. But now, those once-trendy eyebrows look weird when everyone around you has fuller brow hair. So what can you do now to add volume to the brow hair?

The common and obvious solution is cosmetic surgery which is not a viable option for everyone. There are many simple, natural and home based solutions which can help you to get full fledge thick eyebrows. Take a look at the following remedies.
1. Castor Oil
Everyone knows the magic which castor oil does to the hair growth. This is one of the most powerful home based solutions to make hair grow more. Be it scalp hair, eyelashes or eyebrows, castor oil make hair grow thick and long rapidly. Once hair follicles are nourished, the growth is significantly higher. Take castor oil and apply it to your eyebrows daily before sleeping. Leave it for the whole night for best results daily.

2. Coconut Oil
Another powerful ingredient for making hair growth faster is coconut oil. If you massage the coconut oil into the skin, it absorbs into the skin and makes blood flow more. When blood is reached to every cell, it promotes healthy hair growth. Vitamin E in coconut oil improves the texture of the skin and hair. Dip a clean cotton swab into coconut oil and dab it to the eyebrows. Leave it for the whole night and rinse it in the morning.

3. Olive Oil
Olive oil is rich in vitamins and minerals which promote the growth of the hair. Olive strengthens the hair follicles which make the growth faster. Just like all other oils, use olive oil directly to the eyebrow hair with cotton swab or finger. For best results, leave it for two hours at least. However leaving it for the whole night is highly beneficial.

4. Onion Juice
Onion is a medicinal herb which is part of daily food too. It is one of the most commonly available herbs at your kitchen. Onion has minerals and vitamins which repair the cells of eyebrow skin; the result is more and full growth of eyebrow hair. You can use it directly to the eyebrows every second day without any fear of damage. It has no side effects, and you will notice result in two weeks only.


5. Egg Yolks
An egg is a rich source of protein which is extremely beneficial for the hair growth. Keratin is the name of protein which strengthens the hair and is abundantly found in egg yolk. Take one egg, separate egg white from the yolk. Beat the yolk. Apply it to the eyebrows by the help of a brush or cotton bud. Rinse with water after 15 minutes. Use it thrice a week.

6. Drink Water
Water is life for the body. All body cells of you require water in an adequate amount to properly function. Add 10-12 glasses of water in your diet daily. It will improve the blood circulation in the entire body. The hair follicles will be supported from inside and your scalp, eyelash, and eyebrows, will be fuller and thicker.

7. Aloe Vera
Aloe vera has a leonine in it which triggers the growth of hair. It is an alternative of keratin which is hair protein. When you apply aloe vera to the eyebrows, they consider it like keratin, and it adds volume to the eyebrow hair. It also prevents the hair loss and hair breakage from eyebrows. You can use fresh aloe vera gel from the plant or the commercially available aloe vera gel from your local store. Apply it directly to the eyebrow hair, multiple times a day for one month.

8. Feenu Greek Seeds
Feenu greek seeds are helpful to make brow hair healthy and voluminous. These seeds are rich with hair growth promoters which help to rebuild the weak, broken or think hair follicles. A compound called nicotinic makes the eyebrow hair more shiny and attractive. To use this, soak feenu greek seeds in water overnight. Grind and make a fine paste of it. Apply this mixture for 45 minutes and rinse with water. Use this mixture twice a week for best results.

9. Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum jelly is a common ingredient to add moisture. It has chemical compounds which retain the natural moisture of the skin and prevent it from drying. In this way, petroleum jelly contributes to getting thick, fully grown eyebrows. Take petroleum jelly and dab it to the eyebrows for overnight. Rinse it the next morning with water. You can use it daily. If you have acne-prone skin, do not use it.

10. Milk
The goodness of milk is not just confined to the skin. The extremely beneficial milk proteins nourish eyebrow hair too. Casein and whey proteins are two vital proteins which stimulate the growth of hair. Soak a cotton swab in full cream milk and massage it to the eyebrows. Leave it for 15-20 minutes. Use it daily for two to four weeks to see visible results.


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