All of us come across so many challenges in routine life. Everyone is running to manage the things. You may feel stressed to realize the “to do list” or next day, before going to the bed. All these efforts are never going to work if you don’t have a physical stamina and mental capability to do it. Mental abilities can be managed. If you are good at something, you eventually flourish in it with time. On the other hand, physical condition is dependent upon many things. If you are not physically fit, you can never do well in anything.

Physical fitness is basically a state of immunity. If your immune system is efficient, there will be least chances to get across any disease. The immune system is the natural defensive mechanism of the body which provides assistance against all the attacking microbes i.e. bacteria, fungi, virus, parasites. Whenever there is an attack on the body, the natural system activates itself and starts fighting to protect the body.

If you want to be healthy, the immune system must be efficiently working. Stress, pressure, excessively irregular lifestyle, and food habits influence it. These factors may degrade the system by breaching it. when the system is imbalanced, the body is more exposed to health problems.

For a better immunity, many habits should be changed. You must eat certain foods and avoid others. Apart from all these things, there is something which you can easily do on your own. Here is a list of 10 simple habits to boost immunity.

  1. Keep A Record Of Family History

Do you realize that many health issues run long in the family? Chances to get the same disease which your forefathers had is significantly high. Some diseases are genetic, even if the person gets rid of it, the gene is still there. A family medical history determines the immunity you have.  This gene is passed to the other generations which may or may not show up. The chances are that you can suffer from the same disease. To avoid an unwanted situation, you must know and keep a record of family’s medical history.

  1. Maintain Your Fitness Level

Maintain a balanced weight is important. A balanced weight boosts the immunity at maximum level. You may not work well with excessively overweight, It invites so many linked health diseases such as cholesterol, blood pressure, heart problems etc. For this reason, you must watch your weight.

  1. Eat Clean And Fresh

You are what you eat. Many of you must have heard this phrase but may not how the accuracy of it. Fast food, processed and preserved food culture is influencing the health. If you change what you eat, the chances of health issues will be reduced to half. Indirectly we can say that eating clean and fresh food items increase the immunity of the body. It further helps you to perform well in all fields of life.

  1. Hydrate Your body

water is life. You cannot survive without water. All of the body cells can die f dehydration in a matter of days. If water levels are not sustained in the body, the normal functions of the body are all disturbed. If you hydrate the body, the immune system will work efficiently. Taking 10-16 glasses of water is sufficient for the body to work well.

  1. Take A Peaceful Sleep

The human body is an amazing machine. It works 24 hours a day and doesn’t take a rest. It is important to relax the body to make it work effectively in next morning. A good night’s sleep regulates the pattern of all functions. If you are sleep deprived and insomniac, the psychological disturbance will affect all your cognitive activities. Taking a peaceful sleep reduces the chances of immuno disturbance.

  1. Spare Some Time For Yourself

Good health also depends upon how happy and relaxed you are from inside. The mental state influences directly the physical state. Spending some time on your favorite thing adds strength to the immune system. You can spend moments in a hobby, a trip, family vacation or simply chatting with the friends. It will help you to overcome the stressed routine in a convenient way.

  1. Laugh Out Loud

Laugh therapy is a popular technique these days to reduce the stress. Everyone is so busy with their lives, it’s very hard to find time to enjoy. Laughing is a simple habit which makes you healthy and fit. It reduces the chances of most of the diseases particularly psychological to hit and target you.

  1. Spend Time In Sunlight

Sunlight depicts life. As a plant cannot nourish without sunlight, same is the case with humans. Sunlight is a vital source of vitamin K which is necessary for bone growth and strengthening. If you spend at least 15 minutes of the day in sunlight, the bone growth pattern and density will be far better than those which don’t do this. So in this way, sunlight helps to strengthen the immune system in a natural way.

  1. Meditate

Stress and tension is a common problem. How stress affects your health is an ignored area. It is necessary to release this stress to attain a perfectly fit physical health. Meditation is a natural way to boost immunity by releasing the unwanted stress. Develop a habit of meditation through yoga and let it work for your health.


  1. Be Positive

is everything. If you think negative, all your related tasks will be influenced by the negativity of your thought. If you rather change your thinking to positive, it will benefit you in all ways. Positivity enhances the immunity in a way that it prevents the chances of all possible health issues. When you are positive, you take care of you and your loved ones which significantly help you to achieve a perfect level of health.

All these factors can’t work alone. You must develop a routine which includes some part of all of these simple tricks. By adding these little changes, you will surely notice a betterment in your health in short time.



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