White heads are a form of acne which is caused when skin pores are clogged with dead skin and trapped dirt. They are almost similar to black heads but appear as yellow white small bumps as they are formed under the surface of the closed pores. They appear on nose, cheeks, forehead and temples.

Everyone tries to achieve a smooth, clear and a glowing skin. Our skin gets exposed to so many dirt particles daily that it has become a great obstacle in achieving a clear and a glowing skin. These external and some internal influences are responsible for face acne as it face that part of your body which gets maximum exposure.

White are more seen on faces with oily skin and are usually accompanied by hormonal changes. They can appear on your skin at any age and are not only restricted to facial area and they might even appear on shoulders as well. If you want to get rid of white heads permanently, you need to follow proper sin hygiene. There are many home remedies to get rid of white heads and black heads. This article lists down some major causes of white heads and some easy to follow tips to get rid of them and attain a clear glowing skin of which you have always dreamt of.

Why Do You Get White Heads?

White heads are different from black heads as it obvious from their name. The first major difference being their difference of color in which they appear externally on your skin. Both are formed due to improper skin hygiene. Black heads are follicles with wide opening called comedones. When sebum and dead skin cells plug your skin pores it will lead to formation of black heads. When this plug comes in contact with air it causes a chemical reaction. This leads to melanin oxidation process which gives them a black color hence they are called black heads.

On the other hand white heads are caused when dead skin cells, bacteria and oil is trapped inside your skin pores and causes blocking of them. They do not have that much wide opening like white heads but only a microscopic opening on your skins surface. There are many reasons for blocking of skin pores causing white heads and some of them are listed below:

  • Excessive usage of cosmetics and makeup.
  • Improper skin hygiene.
  • Heredity and genes.
  • Frequent intake of spicy foods.
  • Certain medications and hormonal changes.

How To Get Rid Of White Heads Naturally?

If you are having acne and white heads the you don’t need to worry because in this article we present you some home remedies to get rid of white heads permanently.

  1. Egg White Mask

Egg whites have proved to be very helpful in treatment of acne. This is one the most efficient and cost effective ingredient for treatment of acne. In addition to treatment of acne they are also used to tone the skin. Lemon juice can be added in them and the mixture should be beaten enough that makes foam like texture. This paste can be applied on your skin to get rid of black heads and white heads. Pasteurized egg whites should be used to make masks as there are chances of them being infected.

It has been investigated through research that egg white are a source of lighteners for skin. The Lysozyme in egg white is about 20 times more active than natural Kojic Acid. Similar to Kojic Acid Egg white Lysozyme prevents the oxidation and fading of the skin color. The egg white is far safer than egg yolk. The egg white contains enzymes and microorganisms that help to kill bacteria on your skin and in egg yolk. So, by placing egg and lemon mask on your skin you can get rid of black heads and white heads.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Your stubborn acne and white heads can now be treated with Apple Cider Vinegar because Apple Cider Vinegar contains anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. It fights with all the harmful toxins and deals with free radicals which makes it a natural detoxifier. It forms a protective layer on the skin which prevents the atmospheric influences on your skin. It can be combined with baking soda, corn starch or honey to form a mask which can be very helpful in treatment of white heads and various other skin acne related issues.

  1. Aloe Vera

The plant originated from Northern Africa, Madagascar, and the Arabian Peninsula and is known to have various benefits. Due to its anti bacterial properties it is used in the treatment of acne and treatment of nasty white heads. Apart from treatment of acne and white heads it is also useful for treatment of burns. It contains Magnesium Lactate as its component which helps to eliminate the itching sensation caused by acne.

  1. Tea Bag

Warm tea bags can help you fight acne. For the treatment of acne by tea bags you need to take a tea bag and run it through the warm water. Warm it till you are comfortable with using it. Rolling it over your skin will help to open pores and within few minutes you will notice yellow white heads will start reducing. It is one of the easiest to follow and cost effective remedy. The process can be repeated several times to get completely rid of any acne or white heads.

  1. Tooth Paste

Tooth paste can also be applied over white heads to get rid of them. For this you should apply toothpaste over the area containing white heads and for best results you can leave it overnight and the wash it next morning with warm water, you will notice clear reduction in appearance of white heads.

  1. Sandalwood powder

Sandal powder face packs are usually available and the powder can be combined with rose water and honey to make a sandal mask and applied on the area with white heads. This paste can be applied 2-3 times a week to get complete rid of white heads and black heads.

  1. Fenugreek Leaves

Fenugreek leaves are also proved to be very effective in treatment of white heads. For the preparation of its mask you need to take few fenugreek leaves and dry them up. Make a powder of these dry leaves and add some water to it. If you have rose water, you can add a few drops of it to make a paste. Apply the smooth paste on the troubled parts of face and wash it after fifteen minutes. For best results you can also apply this paste over night.

  1. Honey

Honey masks can be applied on infected areas of face for treatment of acne. Honey has got anti bacterial properties so honey mask when applied for 20 minutes will bring a clear reduction of white heads and in addition to that will remove all the dust particles from your skin by its cleansing effect.

  1. Tomato

Tomato peel can be used to make a mask and can be applied on area with white heads. Leave the mask for few minutes until it dries up. Wash it with warm water and the process can be repeated weekly to get amazing results.

  1. Potato

Potato is most widely available ingredient available in kitchen and grated potato has proven to be the best remedy for white heads.



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