Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast will help you to get all the optimum nutrition from the food. It will make your body healthy and energetic which will last for whole day. So it is important to take proper breakfast which will help you to go through the entire day. If you have diabetes, the condition is so much different. The food intake which you have is not something which is suitable for you. Diabetes is a condition where food intake makes or breaks your health. Not doing breakfast is not the solution. If your blood sugar level dropped after skipping a meal, it would become an even bigger problem.

What to eat in the breakfast is a question. The more big question is what to eat when you have diabetes. It is considered difficult to lose weight in diabetic condition. But surprisingly, a healthy breakfast makes you lose weight in less time. This means breakfast would never work for you if you want to do a healthy weight loss plan.

The diabetic condition doesn’t stop you from eating. You only need to eat the right food. When your diet is enriched in fiber and low glycemic index, it will promote the healthy weight loss with overall immunity rise. There is least chance that you will ever experience a problem with blood sugar levels.

If you have diabetes and want to give your body a healthy start of the day, you might need some exciting ideas for breakfast. Following is a list of ten super healthy and nutritious meal ideas which can make your day.

Try Fruit Smoothies

Smoothies are considered as drinks, but in real it is a complete meal itself. What comes to your mind when you think of a smoothie? Fresh fruits, yogurt, milk, honey and what not. There are so many recipes for making smoothies. Some of them use best ingredients which are friendly to be used by the diabetic patients. Some of the best available options which you can use are fat-free milk, yogurt, almond milk, green tea, peanut butter and honey. You can select from a variety of fruits and vegetables i.e. raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, avocado, spinach, etc. For extra strength take help from the seeds and add nuts, flaxseeds or chia seeds to it. It will help you to overcome hunger.

The Oatmeal Help

Oats are considered healthy and yummy. The best time to eat oats is in breakfast. You can take it cold or hot. This is something which will support your digestive system, makes you feel fuller and helpful for weight and sugar control. The prime ingredient of oats is soluble fiber which is useful for all the benefits it provides. Also, oats are rich in omega three fatty acids, iron and potassium. You can either take instant or the regular oats. Always watch out the label before buying it so that you don’t purchase the one with so much sugar in it. There are several recipes to make oats. You can even add fresh fruits to your oat bowl and also ground nuts. Oats aren’t helpful in breakfast only. You can eat them at any time of the day.

Fat-Free Yogurt

Treat yourself with a yummy delight. It’s about fat-free yogurt which is a fantastic item to be eaten in breakfast. Overall, yogurt has low glycemic index rating, unlike other foods. It makes it a good choice for diabetic patients. Additionally, it can provide protein, calcium and many vitamins which are essentially required by the body. It’s a power pack food which you can either use alone or add items into it. For example, you can add your favorite berries to it. Also, you can eat it with nuts. Make sure any additional food item which you add doesn’t have sugar in it. Otherwise, it might not be a good choice for you.

The Regular Breakfast Idea

Eggs and toast are two regular breakfast items which you may eat every other day. When you have diabetes, you might think that this breakfast item is not healthy and good for your body. It is nit truth. You may change the form in which you are taking it, but there is no way that this breakfast idea of eggs and toast will be bad for you. Eggs are loaded with proteins which are helpful for the body. You can make the eggs into a scrambled form which will be useful for a way for a diabetic condition. Use less butter on toast, avoid jam or jelly completely. Using these simple tricks, you can enjoy your favorite breakfast of eggs and toast without harming your body. In case you don’t like the eggs in scrambled form, you can boil them and eat.

The Special Omelet

Omelet is not recommended to diabetic condition for the extra food items which it has. But if you are a big time omelet fan and you want to add omelet in breakfast, you can use eggs in an alternate way. For example, use only egg whites to make the omelet. For filling you can use spinach and tomatoes, it will give you a fuller feeling, and you will not feel hungry for long. Egg whites are rich protein sources which are further added with antioxidants. There is no sugar in it, so your body will not be harmed.

Make Whole-Wheat Sandwiches

Bread is an essential breakfast item in most parts of the world. However, there are so many varieties available in the blood. You may select a bread type which has no impact on your body’s diabetic condition. For example, whole wheat bread has no sugar in it, unlike the regular bread. So whenever you want to eat bread, make sure that you have bought the whole-wheat bread and not the regular white bread or milky bread. More than this advantage, whole wheat is a good food item in diabetes which lowers the release of sugar into the blood stream. Obviously, you can’t eat bread alone. For the filling, you can make a sandwich with peanut butter. Peanut butter is very healthy and eating it in breakfast will give you energy to whole last day. Additionally, you can use apple slices in the sandwich and eat it in the breakfast. With the same bread, you can also make cucumber tomato and cheese sandwich.

The Simple Breakfast

The most simple breakfast idea for a diabetic condition is nuts and fruits. It’s easy and quick. Imagine if you are rushing to somewhere and have no time to prepare a complete meal, this breakfast idea is here to help you. You don’t even need to turn the flame on to make breakfast. Fruits and nuts i.e. almonds need no preparatory instructions. All you need is to get them and stock them in your kitchen. Together fruit and nuts will give you a low glycemic index but more nutrition. You can take any fruit, except the fruits with natural sugar i.e. mango. You can take berries, peaches, apples, citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, etc. just grab a bunch of these fruits and add a handful of nuts. You can even take them with you in a packet and eat them on your way to the office. If you have enough time to enjoy it at home, add honey or top it with herbal seasonings to enjoy the extra flavor.


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