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Glucodefend is an anti-diabetic supplement by Allied naturals. It is a natural, dietary supplement that works to normalize the high levels of sugar in the blood. The product is an ascertained unique blend of organic ingredients. It is anti-diabetic in the manner and targets the primary causes of diabetes, maintaining healthy levels of glucose within the body.

What are the signs and causes of developing diabetes?

In recent years, the medical world has seen diabetes as a widely growing disease across the globe. Scientific research reveals the following that diabetes may be an outcome of lack of proper diet, excessive consumption of processed food items, a sedentary lifestyle, etc.

Apart from these external factors, a number of internal factors also cause the situation. These factors may include,

  • The inefficiency of the pancreatic cells to produce insulin
  • Insensitivity of the corporal cells to respond to insulin
  • A fatty liver with compromised working
  • Improper functioning of Mitochondria

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Glucose levels, when disturbed, can affect the overall well being of an individual. If you experience any of the following mentioned signs, you must be at a greater risk of developing diabetes.

  • An unquenchable thirst
  • Continuous urination
  • Tiredness even if you didn’t even do anything strenuous
  • Dry mouth despite one’s constant drinking of fluids
  • An unexpected weight loss

Half of the world, suffering from diabetes, blindly rely on insulin shots and prescription drugs but still suffer from the same. People spend a lot of money on the medicines and treatments of the disease but don’t get desired results. The treatments render them bankrupt without any sensible result.

The fruitful efforts of the experts from the health and medicine community have brought a remedial formula for diabetes named “Glucodefend.” It is a natural blend of organic compounds that provide instant relief during diabetes.

About the manufacturers

Glucodefend is a product of “Allied naturals.” It is known for the development of different types of all-organic dietary supplements.

The video on the official website reveals that Glucodefend was the idea of Dennis Moore. He had spent the past 22 years working as a Horticulturist and helped develop Glucodefend to help his brother who was suffering from type-II diabetes. Dr. David Pearson is the main researcher behind the supplement. He is an enthusiastic epidemiologist, working for the past 27 years.

What does the supplement include?

Glucodefend is a natural blend of 19 natural ingredients that immensely affect, control, and regulate the blood sugar levels. It is a natural cocktail of organic herbs with anti-diabetic potential. Unlike the other prescription drugs for diabetes, Glucodefend helps you lose those excess levels of sugar in your blood in a matter of days.

The 19 ingredients in the formula include,

  1. Cinnamon
  2. Bitter melon
  3. Gymnema Sylvestre
  4. Banaba
  5. Guggul
  6. Cayenne
  7. Alpha lipoic acid
  8. Chromium
  9. Magnesium
  10. Zinc
  11. Biotin
  12. Manganese
  13. Mulberry leaf
  14. Vitamin C
  15. Vitamin E
  16. Licorice extract
  17. Yarrow
  18. Juniper berries
  19. L-Taurine

Six of these ingredients are termed “blood sugar savers” by Mr. Moore. These are as follow,

Cinnamomum verum

It is native to Sri Lanka and used by the Sinhalese. It is rare cinnamon that works to decrease blood sugar level and mimics the effect of insulin.

Banaba leaf extract

Banaba is a wonder plant of Southeast Asian countries. It is noted for lowering glucose levels in the bloodstream and increasing cellular tolerance to glucose. It aids an effective weight loss by reducing the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. It reportedly cures and restores insulin resistance.

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Gymnema sylvestis

This is an Indian plant also known as ‘destroyer of sugar.’ It is called so because it curbs glucose absorption in our abdomen minimizes sugar cravings. Moreover, it aids in boosting the proper use and storage of glucose in the body. Plus it supports the release of insulin in the pancreas.

Alpha lipoic acid

It is a universal antioxidant and reduces the risks of diabetes and heart diseases. Alpha lipoic acid is a popular ingredient in Europe for treating diabetic neuropathy. It multiplies the number of cell receptors so insulin can pass through. Moreover, it aids the transport of nutrients into the beta cells of the pancreas.

Magnesium oxide

It crucially works for around 300 metabolic processes. These processes may include insulin production and glucose regulation.

There are also 13 other additional nutrients that makeup Glucodefend. All of these ingredients exist naturally and are free of any synthetic preparation. They can regulate the abnormal levels of sugar in the blood without offering any kind of side effects.

Benefits offered by the product

The expert-manufactured formula of Glucodefend incorporates natural, organic ingredients to improve the general well being of an individual. The respective product comes with the following benefits.

  1. Glucodefend hampers the risks of diabetes and normalizes the elevated levels of sugar in the blood. It functions to ease the symptoms of diabetes.
  2. The respective formula triggers pancreas to produce normal levels of insulin.
  3. Glucodefend intends to treat fatty liver. It regulates the levels of fat stored in the liver and prevents its compromised functioning.
  4. The product prevents fatigue by replenishing the overall energy levels of the body.
  5. Glucodefend aids an effective weight loss, improves liver detoxification, emulsification of the excessive fats, and reduces sugar cravings.
  6. The product is both cost-effective and time-saving. Most of the people rely on prescription drugs and insulin shots for treating diabetes. However, they don’t get the desired results. These medications not only render them bankrupt but also waste a lot of time. Glucodefend is a solution to both. It is affordable and brings the desired results faster.
  7. It is a natural formula with no or fewer side effects.
  8. The product comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee.

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Bonus items

Glucodefend brings with it, three additional bonus items free of cost. These include,

  • The 7-day liver fat detox
  • The 30-day blood sugar reset
  • The diabetes bible

How to buy the product?

The product is easily accessible at its official website. Note, it is available online only and comes in three variant packages. The packages range from the common 1 month trial to a complete 6 months trial. One bottle of the supplement is enough for a month.

  • The 1-month trial costs $69 for a single bottle of capsules
  • The 3-months supply charges $59 for one bottle
  • The 6-months trial comes with a cost of $49 per bottle

The company offers a money-back guarantee as well. If you are not satisfied with the product and its results, you can claim a refund within 180 days of the purchase.


  • Pregnant, lactating or nursing women must consider taking the product after a doctor’s advice.
  • The product doesn’t diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any kind of additional diseases.
  • The formula isn’t for children and adults under 18.
  • If you are on regular medication or have any allergies you should consume the product with the consent of your doctor.
  • A healthy diet and light exercise must be maintained for better results.

Final words

The product promises healthy levels of blood sugar by all-natural means. It is created under expert guidance and comes with no or fewer side-effects. However, it isn’t an FDA approved the formula.

Glucodefend is a user-friendly supplement. The product comes with necessary instructions and recommended dosage for safer and effective use. It doesn’t require any additional preparation for use. You must try it after carefully reading all the details on the official website. Go through the terms and conditions of the purchase before buying the product.

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