Eczema is a condition of skin which comes under medical influence. It is a common thing which might affect you or anyone you know at some point in life. It feels like the skin is itching continuously. Followed by red rashes, it looks like skin allergy. The most common type of eczema is called atopic dermatitis. Atopic means that they have tendency to develop other allergic conditions such as asthma and hay fever. The rashes are frequently seen on face, back of knees,, wrist, hands and feet.

Eczema is not only a problem of young people. Many children and infants are also a victim of it. If you are a very fair person, the chances are that the rashes will appear more intense on your skin. In dark skin people, eczema doesn’t look like a very severe condition.

Despite being a medical condition, eczema is embarrassing for many people. It is a discomforting condition which may prohibit you to go out, wear makeup or enjoy the weather. Eczema is not a disease; it is just a body reaction. When skin is exposed to any unfavorable environment, it shows its sensitivity by having inflammation dry and red rashes. These rashes may, later on, convert into blisters. As skin is the outermost organ of the body and first line of defense, all the allergens will attack the outer skin, and the results will be obviously shown on the outer skin.

If you have eczema, chances are to have a bacterial infection too. As skin produces less oil which moisturizes the skin. It also makes cells deprive of water and result is open spaces inviting microbes to attack and invade i.e. bacteria.

Fortunately, eczema can be treated at home. If you want to get rid of eczema, you can try many common kitchen ingredients. These remedies are natural, easy and without any harm. Some of these natural remedies are written as following

Use the coconut oil

This is probably the easiest solution. Coconut is a familiar home based ingredient. It is natural and apparently healthier. Being a carrier oil, coconut oil can quickly absorb into the skin. When you apply coconut oil to the skin, it will eventually absorb and fill the lacking areas in the skin. It will make bacterial invasion impossible. Also, it will hydrate your skin and give it a naturally healthy glow.

Directions To Use It

Wash your face and dry it with a towel. Take coconut oil and rub it onto the affected area and slowly to the whole face. Use it before sleeping and wash in the morning.
The Jojoba benefit

If you don’t have access to coconut oil or don’t like it on your skin. Here is a better alternative, jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is not oil, but it is a thicker solution, you can call it wax. Applying jojoba oil to the skin will take more time than coconut oil. But once it is absorbed, it moisturizes and hydrates the skin.

Directions To Use It

Wash your face and pat it dry. Apply jojoba oil to the face or affected area. Massage it until you feel it absorbed. Leave it for at least two hours or more.

The Homemade butter

A severe case of eczema will make your skin so dry that you would feel scales on your skin. It can be a painful and extremely irritating condition which no one likes. If you have an extra dry skin, you might like a thing which moisturizes and provides you comfortable relief. Here is the thing, you can use homemade butter for it. Here is a recipe of a customized eczema treating butter.

Directions To Use It

Take two tablespoon shea butter and beeswax. Add six tablespoon coconut and four tablespoons of jojoba oil. Combine all the ingredients in a double boiler and melt them well. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil in it. Store this butter into a glass jar. Apply it generously to the skin anytime you want.

Take help from Oats

If you are a person with extra oily or sensitive skin, you might not like the option involving oils and butter. Here is something for you. When all other things are not suitable, you can use a plain oatmeal therapy. It barely has any side effect for any skin. It will help you to overcome redness and itch.

Directions To Use It

Take one cup oatmeal and pour it into cheesecloth or muslin. Tie it and make a packet. Prepare your bathtub and fill it with water. Hand this pocket into the tub. Soak it for 15-20 minutes; you will see the water to turn milky. Enjoy your herbal bath, dip the affected part for at least 15 minutes in it. Repeat it daily.

The goodness of chamomile

Chamomile is not a new name for us now. It has incredible results for reducing inflammation. You might have been taking it to sooth your throat in an infection. The benefits of chamomile are not just for internal inflammation but external too. Bisabolol is a vital compound of chamomile plant. It is anti microbial and anti inflammatory. To make it work for you, let your skin feel it.

Directions To Use It

You can use chamomile in your bath like oatmeal. Take 4-5 tablespoons of dried chamomile flower and tie them in muslin. Soak this packet into your water filled bath tub for 20 minutes and enjoy your bath.

Apply organic honey

Honey is a natural skin lightening agent which has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. It makes the skin heal in less time. In the case of eczema, honey helps to repair the skin and reduce the inflammation.  You can use it anywhere on the body including face.

Directions To Use It

Raw organic honey has a better effect than processed honey. Apply a layer of raw organic honey on the affected area with clean hands. Leave it for 15-20 minutes. You can even cover it with a bandage if you don’t have the sticky feeling. Apply a thrice a day until you see a difference.

Take fish oil supplements

Fish oil is not just for strengthening and making your immunity high.  It even helps you to reduce the itchy and scaly skin. In a case of eczema, your skin will need a repair from inside too which fish oil supplement can provide. If you regularly take fish oil supplements, you will see the visible change in your skin.

Directions To Use It

Take fish oil supplement with water or any fruit juice. Take plenty of water with it.


Sea spray helps to maintain the natural nutrients of the skin. If your skin has very oily texture and you think making it more oily with moisturizer is not a good option, you can use sea spray. It makes the skin dry. You can make your home based salt and magnesium spray.

Directions to use it

Shower the sea spray on your affected area twice a day for better results.

A homemade healing slave

If eczema becomes severe, it may turn into blisters. These scars and blisters are even more uncomfortable than eczema itself. If you have eczema based blisters, you can try your homemade healing slaves.

Take Magnesium baths

If your skin doesn’t feel good with water, you must find alternatives. Try adding Epsom salts or magnesium flakes in your bath.  It will make your body relax. The eczema condition will be improved with time with this simple remedy.


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