Calamine Lotion

Calamine is a medicated lotion used in relieving skin irritations and discomfort caused by several skin allergies and conditions like the sunburn, mosquito or any insect bite, fungal, boils, plant-based, moisture etc. Majorly it helps get rid of the itching sensation so you do not bruise your skin by scratching and rubbing making it worst. It boots out pain from underneath releasing skin of the uneasiness letting it breathe and soothe. Due to the above symptoms, our skin remains a little dank and damp than usual texture/feel. After applying calamine it goes back to its dry form to aid rigorous skin reactions.

Uses Of Calamine Lotion:

Be it any condition or disease, the medication homemade or homeopathic, always the first hint your doctor before use to make sure you are not going towards agitated use and fulfilling the required measures to cure. As the name tells us, this medication is only for physical use. Let it dry and be absorbed by the skin before its contact with fabric or anything else. The lotion should be absorbed deep into the skin for fast relief. Try applying with a cotton swab if the rash is bad. Do not smear directly onto skin. Again in the case of any ambiguities consult a pharmacist/physician nearby. Wash your hands thoroughly to avoid medicine’s contact with eyes, nose, mouth or genital areas, be it mistakenly. Go to a dermatologist if the allergic reaction does not settle or improve for more than a week.

Calamine lotion has been a part of first aid boxes at home since ages being a common fixture for skin reactions. It is primarily known and used for its anti-itch agent and mild antiseptic qualities. It is trusted for common skin ailments for decades and more now. Its soothing properties give the itch, boil, and blisters a cooling sensation like menthol caused by rash and oil secretions.

Your skin is as significant as the clothes you use to cover it. Reading further will give you an insight into the benefits and uses of calamine for the skin we live in. Let us together now learn how to make and prepare calamine lotion at home and its beneficial uses.

Where, When And How to Use: 


Pregnancy fetches you its fair share of troubles and difficulties. Apart from the common sicknesses like nausea, insomnia, aches and restlessness the skin above goes through with a lot of issues as well. Stretch marks topping off the list. Some women develop patchy and blemished abdomen skin along with stretch marks. Calamine soothes and smoothens the surface. Skin issues like eczema during pregnancy over arms or any other parts of the body are also treated with calamine resulting in less scar tissue appearance.

Acne and Dry Skin:

Its cooling sensation soothes dry and acne prone skin being a guard against a pimple forming oil glands on skin. It’s moisturizing additional effect helps dry skin dampen and moisturize getting rid of itching.

Insect Bites:

Insect bites inject poisonous substances into the skin after stinging. The stung area then causes different reactions due to the venom resulting in several skin infections. By applying calamine onto the infected area venom evaporates and cools down the bitten and inflamed surface.


Children and infants get several skin infections growing up like measles, chicken pox, nappy rashes etc. Mothers must keep calamine lotion at hand to relieve infants of such reactions and diseases. Toddlers have the tendency to catch such skin allergies more than adults due to less immunity and tender underdeveloped skin. Calamine has been a continual relief for such infants skin problems before adolescence. Mothers rely on it since ages.

Head Lice:

Head lice is a communal problem for kids of school going age group. It reoccurs due to close contact of children while playing together, swimming, sitting in a class or any combined activity that requires close physical contact. The worst part about lice is they travel from one head to another making it impossible for children to be saved from them. Calamine cannot completely get rid of them but at least eradicate from the constant itching. Calamine is added to anti-lice shampoos as well as an anti-itch relieving agent.

Hope I’ve cleared in detail about multiple uses, causes and on how to get rid of varied ailments. Now let’s have a look at a number of ingredients that constitute a calamine lotion, their role and how to make it at home.

Calamine lotion is such a life savior because it can treat a large number of ailments. Always keep a jar of calamine at home. It‘d be best if you make it at home without any severe chemicals but organic ingredients from your kitchen shelf and local pharmacist. Especially for houses with children because kids tend to spend time outdoors most hence are more likely to catch infections. When you make something from scratch with your own hands from the available ingredients at home you get a sense of loyalty, accomplishment and reliability on the product you knew about, understood and produced.

When you are out and about being the person who enjoys most outdoors knows well how nasty bruises and stings one can get. All mothers prefer making such things at home to avoid chemical contact on skin or the families. So anyone who avoids such and wants to attain a chemical free product must follow all these instructions and steps and DIY (Do It Yourself).  All the ingredients in my calamine lotion recipe are safe and greatly effective.

What you require:

  • Water according to your need to dissolve and form a paste.
  • 4 Tea Spoonful’s of Bentonite Clay
  • 4 Tea Spoonful’s of Baking Soda
  • 1 Table Spoon of Sea Salt
  • 1 Tea Spoon of Glycerin

Why You Require:

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite is a type of clay commonly used to detoxify skin. It helps get rid of oil glands reducing skin irritation due to itching. You can easily find it at any local drugstore, organic, homeopath’s store nearby or pharmacy.  It gets rid of oil glands reducing skin irritation caused due to itching.

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay is a substitute used for Bentonite. If you are unable to find bentonite or do not have access to it from anywhere Kaolin is your second option. It is used in many cosmetics compositions widely due to zero side effects and detoxifying properties.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is the top most used key ingredient in almost all home remedies and medicines. It acts as a highly effective anti-itch agent. It is an economic replacement. It gives increase shelf life to the calamine.

Essential Oils

All essential oils help soothing and healing. They provide a mild but beautiful fragrance to the lotion also poise dry thick texture. These oils are essential like tea tree, lavender, jojoba, argan oil etc.


Glycerin being very thick and sticky should be avoided by people possessing oily skin. Add it to your calamine as a moisturizing agent to make it appear gentler and softer. It is a moisturizing agent giving lotion like texture to the final mixture to help glide on skin.

Sea Salt:

Reserve longer and also provide beneficial healing properties against the sun, cuts, wounds.It dries out oily glands produced underneath skin due to inflammation.=

Final Recipe:

Using all the above ingredients a complete composition of calamine lotion will be formed that you can store in a jar for everyday uses. Take almost a quarter cup of water dissolving four teaspoonfuls of bentonite clay and baking soda. To this muddy paste now add any of the essential oils you like. Add as much as you feel like. To form a smooth creamy solution add glycerin.

Mix everything in a small bowl with wooden spoon or spatula adding water where needed according to consistency. Pour in a clean pretty mason jar when formed a smooth silky paste. There you are ready with your magic potion against all ailments. This cost effective, pure and safe tonic, especially from harmful preservatives, is ready at your hand. Store in a cool place to reserve longer.



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