Cinderella Solution Review – The Fairytale Weight Loss is REAL

Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program mainly designed for women. It targets the biggest problem of weight gain that is a slow metabolic rate. The latest research on weight gain patterns shows that women go through a significant hormonal transition during puberty and menopause. These imbalanced hormones make weight loss impossible.

This program is designed for women-oriented fat loss by boosting metabolism. Instead, this plan uses easy to follow exercise along with nutritional support to super activate digestion. So if you are looking for a simple weight loss plan, Cinderella Solution is here to help. Is it a rip-off, or can it initiate weight loss? Read the complete review to find out.

What is Cinderella Solution?

For most of the women, the body tends to store most fat before they hit 30’s. If it is not stopped and controlled, it will form layers of stubborn fat. Cinderella Solution is a method that properly guides you on weight loss and management. It is a set of e-books, which uses a four-phase approach to help its users.

It is particularly helpful for women in their twenties with weight gain issues. At this age, the weight gain is majorly due to major hormonal changes. The Cinderella Solution has healthy meal plans for its users, along with a complete video guide on basic exercises. Following it regularly will show a visible difference in your appearance.


How does this plan work?

Cinderella Solution is an easy to download eBook. You can download it on any electronic devices i.e., smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet, etc. The target of this program is ICE Dysfunction. In simple terms, it is hormonal imbalance due to which your natural metabolic rate becomes slow. This program gives you diet plans, exercise, and healthy tips to improve metabolic rate naturally.

It gives complete details on what to eat and what not to eat for weight management. It has introduced a concept called the movement sequence, which helps to maximize the weight loss efforts.

As it doesn’t use any real thing i.e., fat burning supplements, many people think it’s not a worthy product. But if you search it online, there are thousands of people sharing how they were able to lose weight with the help of Cinderella Solution.

The fairytale weight loss is worth every penny of its price, and here are the reasons to try it.

It doesn’t require you to starve.
It has no restrictive diet.
It doesn’t expect you to do a strenuous exercise
It gives you all your meal plans
It covers full 28 days of the month
It only requires essential exercises without any equipment.
It provides videos of workout.
It comes with a quick start guide.

The complete guide on Cinderella Solution

There are two ways how Cinderella Solution helps its users. It is equally helpful for a person who wants necessary information on weight loss and someone who is planning to lose weight. The main book has two paths; one is called a Quick Start Guide. It’s a 52-page book, which is easy to read, and precisely tells you how to start.

For a person who is more interested in plans, there is this 93 page long, Cinderella Solution book. It has every detail of this plan, what are you supposed to do, what you are not supposed to do, everything. This book has two parts, one includes a meal guide, and the other is an exercise book.

The duration of weight loss by Cinderella Solution is 28 days. This time is divided into two parts, one is called the “Ignite” stage, and the other is called “Launch” stage. Each of these two phases lasts for 14 days. During the Ignite phase, the user eats three meals from the recommended foods. It has only a few restrictions and is easy to follow. This is just a trigger for your body to prepare it for losing fat.
The next is the Launch phase. During this time, the user eats four meals per day. It has limited food choices and is a little harder than the Ignite phase. Once these two phases end, the user can see a visible difference in weight. Based on the results, you can re-do the same plan again, after some time for maintenance.

If you are unable to meet your target weight after these two phases, you can repeat this plan as long as you want. The meal guide makes sure that you are consuming all the necessary nutrients daily. That is why you will not feel any weakness at any stage.

One thing to remember is that Cinderella Solution emphasizes zero alcohol during the diet. It makes sense because even the occasional drinking has no nutritional value, and it may add extra sugar in daily calorie intake.

The Cinderella Solution is perfect for people who want a step by step guide on weight loss.


The Exercise Guide

The Cinderella Solution has a 30 page long “Movement Sequencing Guide” which has 60 videos on the basic workout. The best about these exercises is that you don’t need any special equipment for doing them. You only need a moderately sized pair of dumbbells, yoga matt and workout shoes.  The duration of these exercises is only 8-25 minutes per day. How often you should repeat it depends upon your target weight loss and lifestyle.

What will you get from Cinderella Solution?

This program will give you the following.
The program explains weight gain and weight loss in the most precise way.
It guides on how to eat moderately.
It explains the importance of food intervals.
It teaches you the accurate portioning of food.
It will make you lose weight.
It will add up to immunity.
It will make you the energetic whole day without eating extra.
It adds years to life.

Try “The Cinderella Accelerator” for super-fast results

Cinderella Solution program comes with a bonus book called “The Cinderella Accelerator.“ It is a 21-day kick-start guide on faster weight loss. It is also named as the “21-Day Rapid Fat-Loss Guide.”

This is an e-book (27 pages only), which is designed for people who want speedy results in less time. This information is based on data collected from more than 200 female users of the Cinderella Solution program. Based on their experiences, this The Cinderella Accelerator carries 18 most common meals used by the maximum women. This quick weight loss only has one phase i.e., Ignite phase. There is no Launch phase in a 21- day plan.

Pros of Cinderella Solution

A simple, quick, and fascinating weight loss plan.
Adds years to life.
Restores your body confidence.
Improves the metabolism of a person.
Doesn’t require the user do to do anything extra.
It is specially designed for women in twenties.


It is an electronic program with no physical form.
For losing 10 pounds or more, you have to repeat it.
It requires the user to follow it regularly, with no cheating.

Is it too complicated to understand?

It may look difficult to understand, but the meal plans and exercises are pre-decided, so you don’t have to do anything. It is easy to follow but requires a regular follow up with no cheating on a diet. There are lists of food that you can and cannot eat. You can choose your favorite food items from that list. The user guide explains portion size and how much do you need to eat.

Along with that, you are required to follow light exercise less than half an hour per day. There are tips to guide the user on every step. Overall, it doesn’t take like a complicated weight loss plan at all.

Price and Ordering

The product is available online at a fantastic amount of $37.00 only. There are no shipping and handling charges, no tax and absolutely no hidden charges. The original cost of the Cinderella Plan is $187 but ordering today will give you 80% discount on it. This 80% discount means you will save 150 dollars.

Additionally, you will get Cinderella Accelerator Package without paying anything. The original price of this Cinderella Accelerator Package is $147, but along with every order of Cinderella Solution, it is now available for FREE.

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Customer support and guarantee

Every authentic product comes with a customer support option. Same is the case with Cinderella Solution, which offers 24/7 online supports to its users. Also, each order comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. It means if it fails to satisfy your weight loss goal, you can get all your money back.

Final thoughts on Cinderella Solution

Cinderella Solution is a weight loss plan designed for women in the middle ages. Life is happier when it is healthier. Weight loss is a big concern when the body is undergoing developmental hormonal changes. That’s why most of the times, the weight feels to be stuck, and all efforts of weight loss fail.

Cinderella Solution is a complete guide on diet and exercise for weight loss. It improves metabolism, and the user can shed a few pounds only in 28 days. It is now available on a fantastic offer of 80% off. Hurry up and confirm your orders today before the offer expires. Official Website Here!

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