Did you know that our memory has three stages? Encoding, storage, and retrieval are the three stages of our memory. The encoding of memory is when we get in touch with something for the first time, the first phase is of encoding whenever we interact with something new.

The second phase of memory comes when we store that new information into our memory for a short period of time, also known as short-term memory. Anything that we store in our memories for a shorter period of time is known as the second stage of our memory, called storage.

The third stage of our memory is called retrieval, which is also referred to as long-term memory. Things which we retrieve after a long time comes via the process of retrieval.

But what if, as soon as you enter the age of 40, you can’t retrieve the information that you had once stored in your memory? Or if you start forgetting the smallest of affairs or events related to your day to day life? Such as calling back a friend or missing some important meeting?

Before we bombard our brain with the questions like, “if there’s any solution to all this misery or not?”, let us first learn about the root cause of all such in detail…

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What is it which brings decline to our Brain memory?

A group of scientists who have been working on the causes of brain decline has found out that there are three main mental blocks which cause the decline in memory of many. At least one of these causes is found in the people who have the issue with forgetting things or in retrieving the old memories.

This research has been conducted by Dr. Ryan Shelton who is a medical director at Zenith Labs. During his research, he has found out the following three mental blocks as the main culprits which cause a decline in the brain:

1) Restricted Cerebral Blood Flow

2) Deficiency in Vital Brain Enhancing Nutrients

3) The Neural Wire Cutter

1) Restricted Cerebral Blood Flow
When the blood flow stops reaching into the vast network of our brain, the neurons of that part of the brain starts lacking oxygen which causes shrink in our memory due to which people with memory issues start forgetting about their important day to day life events.

2) Deficiency in Vital Brain Enhancing Nutrients
For making your brain work with synchronization, two factors need to work perfectly with one another. One is acetylcholinesterase and the other is acetylcholine. Both of these are used in the constriction and relaxation of the brain movements which works in the form of pumping.

But if the acetylcholinesterase is secreted more than required, then here lies the problem since now only the one side of the pump is working because the neural signals get shut down before they can get a chance of activating the brain tissues which store the information in your brain.

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3) The Neural Wire Cutter
With high tech and over luxurious life of ours, simplicity has become the norm of the past. But such an over-luxurious life comes with the cost of ‘stress’. And the detrimental part of stress is that it permits the brain to secrete unnecessary cortisol.

Unnecessary secretion of cortisol affect the internal neural connections which result in the decaying of memory which eventually leaves an impact upon the mental sharpness.

Is there any solution to all such lethal causes?

Now coming to the main section of the article, the solution which everyone’s looking for. Yes, there’s a solution which will help in increasing the cerebral blood flow, as well as decrease the secretion of cortisol and will help in sustaining your long-tired brain cells. The name of the solution is “Zenith Brain Booster”.
This formula contains four brain boost factors which will reduce these causes of memory decline and they are as follows:

1) Huperzine A

One of the most ancient formula, a Chinese plant, for the treatment of cognitive issues, it helps in blocking the enzyme, acetylcholinesterase which also helps in lessening the stress and unhealthy moods.

2) Citicoline

The second factor which this solution contains is called Citicoline, also known as CDP-Choline. It helps in producing more choline whenever it goes low. Research studies from Yale show that the reduction of choline is amongst one of the causes for mood swings.

3) Vinpocetine

This third factor in Zenith Brain Boost solution helps in opening up the brain’s blood vessels by blocking the enzyme which tenses up the blood vessels and makes the delivery of oxygen easy in the most inner parts of the brain.

4) Magnesium

The fourth factor in our solution is Magnesium. Most researches show that a lack of magnesium can be a cause of forgetfulness in your memory. One of the MIT researches shows that magnesium acts as a gate-keeper, which helps in protecting your memory, restocking the brain cells and freshen up your thinking.
Not only that Zenith Brain Booster contains these four factors, in fact, Zenith Brain Booster also contains the following herbs

1) Phosphatidylserine
Helps in nerve cells communication

2) DMAE 
Aids in learning ability and combating short-term memory and mental alertness.

3) Mucuna Pruriens
Reduces stress, cognitive decline, better mood and aids in problem-solving as well as higher motivation.

4) Rhodiola Rosea 
Aids in regulating the happy chemicals and keeps you less stressed mentally.

5) Rosemary
Helps in boosting the speed with which you access your memory.

6) Centella Asiatica
Increases the functioning of the brain and improves the mood collectively.

Zenith Brain Boost- Read it before you buy it

  • This formula supports having better neural communication between neurons of your brain.
  • It also helps in improving the blood flow to your brain so that it can process easily and store the huge chunks of information swiftly.
  • Strengthen your brain cells by using this formula and learn new skills i.e. learning a new language.
  • Recollect your past memories with ease.
  • Prowess your decision-making skills.
  • Enhance your mental performance.
  • It would help in replacing your gloomy mood with the optimistic one.

How much does this formula actually cost?

If you buy these nutrients individually which are used in this formula then it’d cost you around $100/month since each nutrient has its own cost. However, if you buy it in one single bottle, then it will only cost you $49/month which can be reduced to $39 if you order for 90 day supply and $33 for 6 month supply- that’s much reasonable this product is.

What if this formula doesn’t work for you?

If that’s the case then, get your money back via their refund policy. Just like every diet plan doesn’t work for every weight loss, similarly, the makers of this formula believe in the fact that their formula may or may not be the right product for everyone.

However, with such amazing and powerful ingredients part of the plan which has gone through such scrutiny then we believe that it will not let you down. Try it for three months and if it still doesn’t work for you then you can always place your request for refunding money.

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