Early Signs Of Pregnancy That You Should Not Ignore

Pregnancy is not just a fat tummy. It is a complete process which involves signs, changes, development, hormones, mood swings, cravings and what not. The major thing which changes in pregnancy is the hormone. Everything else is linked with this hormonal balance.

How to know you are pregnant? Some of the women will sense it too soon even if they were not expecting it whereas it is difficult for the rest to guess it. could you be pregnant or not can be confirmed by a blood or urine test which confirms the presence of certain hormones. This hormonal detection cannot be detected until 4-5 weeks of your last period. So how can you determine if you are pregnant or not? The most common symptom of getting pregnant is a “missed period”.

This may or may not work every time. There are other problems too which influence your menstrual cycle. You might miss a period if you have lost so much weight or you are not taking proper diet. The early pregnancy symptoms start to show up in more than 70% of the women. More than half women have shared feeling a weird type of nausea in the morning. Other common signs are mood swings, abrupt reactions, food cravings and many others. However, these symptoms are most psychological and you can’t really rely on them.

By the time you are over two weeks your regular period dates, you get obvious physical symptoms. Taking a home pregnancy test is the best solution in this case. However, you may also feel some particular signs, which are a clear sign of pregnancy. Some of these early pregnancy symptoms are as following.

Spotting The Blood

You might confuse this spotting with your period but actually, this is not what you think. Vaginal spotting is different than bleeding. It is one of the most initial and strong signs of pregnancy about which you don’t need to worry. This is just a natural reaction of the body, called implantation bleeding. It is not heavy like a period. If you are facing heavy bleeding, it may not be pregnancy, you might have a hormonal imbalance, natural miscarriage or infection. Regardless of pregnancy or not, rush to your nearest gynecologist if you experience heavy bleeding.


Vaginal Fluid Discharge

Another prominent sign of noticing is vaginal discharge. For women, vagina tells them what’s happening inside them. do not ignore if your vagina is producing higher discharging fluid. You may also feel a difference in color, thickness or amount of the discharging fluid. Remember that it only happens in the first trimester. A watery or bloody discharge in the second trimester may be a symbol of early cervix opening leading to serious pregnancy complications.


Frequent Urination

As your body detects your pregnancy, the hormones play their game. All the upraised events elevate the blood flow which fills your bladder more than routine. You might need to use the toilet every now and then. It has nothing to do with a UTI infection. It will continue unless your pregnancy proceeds. Sometimes the pressure exerted by the uterus is more to the bladder. It makes you having an urge to urinate frequently even if your bladder is not full. So sometimes it’s not the fluid but the pressure which initiates such feeling. However, this pressure on bladder only starts in the second trimester.


Mild Fever

Fever during pregnancy is common. Your body is going through a new developmental stage so it is completely understandable to have a fever which is a body’s reaction of overwork. If you are already sure about pregnancy and feel a constant fever, it might be dangerous. Irrespective of your pregnancy span, contact your doctor to know the root cause of it. for early days, you can use over the counter painkillers to get relief.

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Sore Breasts

Many of people will tell you that pregnancy shows up from your beast. You never really notice it unless you are already confirmed your pregnancy. Somehow it is a common sign of pregnancy to feel swollen and sensitive breasts. It is sometimes same as you feel your body changes before your period. It is because the hormones take action in both situations. Swollen breasts due to pregnancy are intense and more long lasting than the period changes.


Lower Belly Pain And Cramps

You might feel stiffness and cramps in lower tummy which is the exact location of your uterus. A pain or cramps in the uterus in early days indicate the successful implantation. The sharp shooting pains are uterus contractions which should not be ignored. If the pain is not in lower tummy and it’s in the middle tummy, the chances are that you are having some indigestion. Heartburn, constipation, food poisoning all are different types of abdominal pain which are not same as pregnancy pain and cramps.


Rapid Weight Gain

In pregnancy, the body is passing through a new phase of development. It is obvious to gain weight when you are nourishing a baby in your womb. Although there is no chart to tell you how much weight is gained at which stage, it is a general assumption that you feel your weight stuck to a certain point at the start. Gradually it increases and you feel heavier. As the development continues till the 9th month, the maximum weight is gained. How much weight you will gain also depends on your pre-pregnancy BMI. For most of the people, the weight gain is between 20-30 pounds. If you are gaining more than 4 pounds a week, you might need to get checked by the doctor.



You may feel tired without even doing any work. This all of a sudden fatigue may be due to pregnancy. There is no real reason that why does this happen but around 90% women feel this fatigue at early pregnancy stages. The rapidly elevating levels of progesterone may cause it. this fatigue may be accompanied with nausea and mood swings, all due to fetal development inside your body.



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